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Flowers & Plants

In principle any plant is not made specifically for the apartment. Plants are living beings whose natural environments differ depending on the particularities of each. From this point of view should not forget that they require continuous care close to living conditions in regions of origin. Also do not forget that we offer apartment plants in an artificial environment in which the artificial environment of captivity and suffering may lead to unfavorable disharmonious development of the plant and even ruin them. This does not mean you have to udam every day and all day or give them fertilizer throughout the year. A regular check on the status of the plant is sufficient and if necessary we wet we manage fertilizers, we treat against diseases and pests, etc..


Cultivation and care

Also during our absence plants require care and can not be abandoned in a dark house. From this point of view application hydroponic culture presents a great advantage for the public interested in ornamental plants, specifying maintenance especially in terms of watering during periods prolonged absences. For plants that are suitable for this culture system may include: Ficus, Dracaena, Hedera, Cocos weddeliana, Philodendron, Bromelia and others.

Garden plants

Garden plants

Flowers are very important in our gardens, their purpose is to give color in order to complete, the green alternative offered by lawn. Flowers for gardens are divided into two major types: resistant flowers and seasonal flowers, within these categories you can choose different varieties that give the possibility to have a wide range of colors and different flowering periods.

Exotic plants

Exotic plants

Exotic plants begin to be more prevalent in collections enthusiasts due to their appearance particularly. The good thing is that many of them have high care needs, contrary to expectations. There is a large plant verietate extice which we try to give you as much information and images. Rich colors and different shapes make these flowers to appear from an unreal world.



From ancient times until today, craft healing human suffering could not part with medicinal plants. Until a century ago, almost all the 'cures' used by humans were of plant origin.
Gradually science is useful separately and not in medical knowledge and human civilization populare.Vechile brought each contribution to the knowledge and use of a growing number of medicinal plants.


There are over 100,000 species of fungi

Fungi (Fungus) is a special group, different from plants because, unlike the latter, it does not contain chlorophyll.
They feed on living or dead organisms just like animals. They have no roots, no stems, no leaves and no flowers and reproduce in a specific way.
There are over 100,000 species of fungi.


Cactus and other succulent plants

Cactus, this interesting and less known group of plants ornaments, frequently encountered in greenhouses and suites, began to attract increasingly more beautiful amateur.
Tenderness and their chroma, shape, structure and place flowers on the plant, but the plant itself cactus, thorns and all of the decorations plant habitus, inside the eyes of all people who love beauty.


Shrubs and bushes

Sometimes it is a good idea to leave gaps in the planting, to show desirable views beyond the boundaries. Shrubs and bushes can add a lot of color to any garden and soften the hardest looking landscapes that mainly involve concrete. You can get many types like evergreens and deciduous types that drop there leaves during the autumn. Before the leaves begin to drop they change there colour into reds, oranges and yellows, so they also offer colour during the autumn time.

Plant care

What do you know about plant care?

It is well known, that the plant can turn ordinary apartment into a cozy and warm fireplace. A flower, a green presence makes you feel pleasant cover when you enter the door. If all are part of our everyday life, why not learn how to care? The simple tricks will make our apatamentului beauty and pride.


What do you know about gardening?

Garden comes alive and you are on duty! It's time to plant, to clean, to prepare beds for planting and caring for lawns.