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Plant Care

Water influence plant metabolism

To the normal flower plants and water metabolism plays an important role, along with temperature, light and nutrients.
Edaphic environment in living roots and plant air system environment must have an optimum water content for normal life cycle to take place.


Setting up a hedge: how?


Latin name : canna

Common name : canna

Other names :

cultivation, care, breeding

In our country the most widespread species is Canna Indica. Perennial with rhizomes or strong, fleshy, decorative leaves primarily through its large, oval, some others are green or purple stripes arranged alternate. Sfralucitoare Flowers numerous and large terminals and stamens transformed into petals, colorful, give an extra exotic garden in which are present all summer. Color can be albaivoar flowers, dark pink, yellow orange, coral and red mostly. Bushes can reach 2 m inaItime. In October appear globular fruits, endowed with thorns.
It is native to tropical and subtropical areas of America.
Canna is multiplied by seeds and by division of rhizomes.
Sowing is done in greenhouses warm in February and March put seeds, first for 10 days to soak in warm PCA, to tender tegumetele. This procedure is used to obtain new varieties. Prick out young plants in the greenhouse in May-June to 5 pots? 6 cm diameter or outside the furrow, Get 15 cm distance. Since August will flourish.
Division of rhizomes is the easiest and fastest propagation system. After the first killing frost of autumn, early November, before the arrival inghetuIui, remove the mother leaving the land plants rhizomes, shortening rods are only approx. 30 cm. Shelters are held a few days until the Earth and its rhizomes reduce the excess moisture. After this operation can be stored in well-ventilated areas with average humidity of 75% and a temperature 7? 8 ░ C. The deposits can be placed either on shelves or directly on concrete or earth, covered with sand.
In March rhizomes are removed, clean the earth and division are done so that each segment to have a few buds appearance. Cuts sprinkle with powdered charcoal, then plant preferably in pots 8-12 cm diameter, in an easy ground (celery, mranita, peat, sand) awaiting planting in May Get desired location, Take 80 / 50 cm distance.
Cana prefer light soils, fresh and well fertilized. Abundant watering during the summer are indispensable if we are to have a bloom that last July-August until frost Take coming.
áSunny places are recommended.
Plants can be used either isolated in a lawn or in a mixture with other plants in different floristic composition of parks and gardens.

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