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Plant Care

Water influence plant metabolism

To the normal flower plants and water metabolism plays an important role, along with temperature, light and nutrients.
Edaphic environment in living roots and plant air system environment must have an optimum water content for normal life cycle to take place.


Setting up a hedge: how?


Latin name : petunia

Common name : petunia

Other names :

cultivation, care, breeding

Perennial grown as annuals, glandulous hairy, herbaceous to sufrutescente, originating in Brazil and Argentina. CDNA, with high growth and dwarf, with erect stems and pendulous, funnel-shaped flowers of the most varied colors, abundant and simple, rich and persistent flowering, perished with the first killing frost with a simple culture, from small claims ground, are much appreciated and successfully used as borders and small gardens, individual employed as plants in pots etc. dish.
Petunias thrive, the abundant cuttings in August. Obtained from plants (in August) will be made in February, the hot gases (where sprouts are plentiful on the mother plant) other cuttings in a heated substrate (soil humus, very sandy).
Lori petunias simple multiply by seed (seed germination power is 4 years old), which looks at different times, depending on the time of flowering, early flowering plants to get through May, we looked around the middle of February , in boxes, in a sandy soil, covering the seed with sand easily. The prick out once or even twice in pots. The final place is planted in May at distance of 35-40 cm (curbs) and 50-60 cm (in rounds), in a land not too wet garden.

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