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Plant Care

Water influence plant metabolism

To the normal flower plants and water metabolism plays an important role, along with temperature, light and nutrients.
Edaphic environment in living roots and plant air system environment must have an optimum water content for normal life cycle to take place.


Setting up a hedge: how?


Latin name : achimenes

Common name : achimenes

Other names :

cultivation, care, breeding

Plants 20-60 cm tall, with a well defined cycle of vegetation: rest and vegetation.
Rhizomes have delicate, thin, similar to the cone-shaped bulbs, the stems growing thin, dressed in ruffled leaves and hairy and deep green color, arranged in opposite way. In the armpit leaves form flower buds, alone or in pairs.
Colored flowers are pink, blue, purple, violet, scarlet, etc.., With corolla funnel with unequal blade with 5 lobes, and the fruit is a capsule with two lodges. They do not like sun, but they need plenty of light, as countries where they come from, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemela etc., Have a bright light.
The most beautiful species are Achimenes pulchella Hitch., Red flowers, many of 1-1.5 cm diameter, Achimenes gloxiniglora, with large flowers, odoriferous, with a variety of colors; Achimenes grandiflora, with large flowers, purple purple. This Achimenes longiflora species and gave rise to numerous and beautiful varieties.
Rhizomes can be started in growth from January to April, depending on where it is grown, the later months are preferred for colder areas.
Are planted at about 2 cm deep in the mix of peat and sand in a shady spot when the temperature is around 15 degrees. Substrate will remain moist until the plant begins to grow, then give plenty of water, and also light, without gi exposed to direct sunlight.
When seedlings are 6-7 inches tall can be transplanted about 12 pieces from 16 to 18 cm diameter pots in a mixture of equal parts peat, perlite and sand or ground leaves.
After the appearance of floral mudurilor fertilize once a month and will move to a place sheltered from the wind (terrace, balcony, etc..) Where they will bloom all summer bite.
In areas with harsh winters, culture is done in greenhouses, rhizomes are placed in vegetation in 7 cm diameter pots of rich and airy. Temperature of 18-20 degrees lower shoots will appear, that we will avoid the strong rays of the sun, we will enhance and manage watering just diluted fertilizer when leaves are well developed.
Any portion of leaf, stem or rhizome of Achimenes will easily rooted in favorable conditions, giving rise to new plants.
When flowering is over and the plant shows signs of fatigue (faneaza is easy), watering will be reduced.
Rhizomes, passing the rest period, the fall will be stored in a cool, dry place until spring when we will restore the vegetation, not to need any special care.
Achimenesul use in pots, baskets or pots buried in layers climbing semiunbrite.
Flowering persists a long period of time.

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