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Plant Care

Water influence plant metabolism

To the normal flower plants and water metabolism plays an important role, along with temperature, light and nutrients.
Edaphic environment in living roots and plant air system environment must have an optimum water content for normal life cycle to take place.


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Plants breath

The influence of atmosphere

Air with its components is indispensable life of plants. He is the source of oxygen and carbon dioxide respiration and assimilation chlorophyll necessary. This enhanced activity of microorganisms in soil by decomposition of organic matter produces CO2 and other nitrogen capture, process plants useful.
Oxygen is essential both in atmosphere and soil. If planting in a compact and undrained soil culture is endangered, while a ventilated soil, the root system is well developed due to the presence of air in the soil. No seed germination can take place without oxygen.
Carbon dioxide and organic decomposition of breathing is found in the atmosphere in an amount of 0.03%. It has a positive effect asipra intensifying processes of photosynthesis, provided, however, should not exceed the percentage of 1%.
Main lungs of the plant are the leaves, which performs gas exchange. Products are toxic to plants: sulfur dioxide, chlorine, fluorine, carbon dust, smoke, cloud depraf cement and so on, as are deposited on leaf surface diminishing their absorption and radiative transition impidicand, depositing on windows.
Breathing is eccentuata night than day, which is why rich foiaj plants should be kept in the bedrooms. Respiration intensity at different plants and plant organs is different. On young plants is higher and is closely related to temperature. At a temperature over 50oC breathing ceases. Plant requirements depending on the volume of air is depending on plant vigor and age. Plants require a large volume of air than the rooted cuttings or seedlings placed. The oxygen is repeated through vents according to the outside temperature, so as not to form cold air currents, avoiding sudden temperature changes, which can damage.
For proper aeration of the soil is permanently destroy its surface crust and soils are compacted will add sand or peat. In this way improves soil aeration regime. Crops in pots, you will always loose soil, pots should be kept clean, removing the muscles, lichens etc.

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