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Water influence plant metabolism

To the normal flower plants and water metabolism plays an important role, along with temperature, light and nutrients.
Edaphic environment in living roots and plant air system environment must have an optimum water content for normal life cycle to take place.


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The importance of light

The influence of light

Plants need light from the east, they begin to feed themselves. Only in this light grows, develops, and this is the source of energy for photosynthesis. Obtain vigorous plants, healthy, grow and develop in a rapid and sustained a rich flowering, is due to the influence of intense lights and an optimal temperature, which increases the assimilative capacity, intensifying the absorption, the need for activation of water and nutrients and gas exchange.
Light is important both in terms of intensity and duration. Plants to light intensity requirements are different depending on the geographical origin of the light conditions were formed, the age and condition of vegetation, some works (transplanters, transplanted and so on). Up to rooting light should be diffuse. Requirements are larger flower plants in the seedling stage, bud formation and flowering.
Productive during the day (day light) for the process of photosynthesis some plants need about 2000 lux, and others more, and to produce flowering species less demanding than light factor requires 10,000 to 50,000 lux.
Depending on the rate of use of light radiation, flower species can be plants impartial light, and shadow semidarkness.
Light-loving plants: Eschscholtzia, Fuchsia, Gladiolus, Gloxinia, Helianthus, Pelargonium, Petunia, Salvia, Verbena, etc..
Need less light: anemone, Convallaria, Galanthus, Myosotis, Scilla etc.
By the way plant response to light duration, they are divided into long day plants, short day, indifferent and intermediates.
Long day plants flower: aster, Aechmea fascinating Begania tuberhybrida, Calceolaria hybrida, Calendula officinalis, Callistephus chinensis, Gladiolus, Lathyrus odoratus, Lilium longiflorum, Matthiola annua, Papaver, Petunia, Scabiosa Caucasia, Sinning hybrida, Stephanotis floribunda.
Short day flower plants: Begonia Gloire de Lorraine, Bougainvillea, Bouvard longiflora, Cactee, Chrysanthemum indicum, Cosmos, coccinea Crassula, Euphorbia fulgens, Euphorbia pulcherrima, Fressia, Gardenia grandiflora, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Tagetes erecta, the Mexican Zinnia.
A number of plants are indifferent to the light factor: Cyclamen, Dianthus, Impatiens, Narcissus, Pelargomium, Rosa etc..
Most plants from temperate or tropical zone are long day or indifferent. Short day plants flower for floral induction in need of long nights and short days, while the long days can flourish even if these are kept in the dark. In short day plants form vegetative apparatus in long days and autumn or winter bloom. It is good asector plant seedlings to occur during long days. Vegetative period of long day plants can be covered in short days, but for flowering is necessary to pargurga a period of long days and short nights. For as long day plants to grow in good condition as the day they need to be 14 to 16 hours. These plants if grown in short day conditions, no bloom.
Short day plants bloom when the day is less than 12 hours. For floral induction training, short day plants need short days.
As induction to occur, sometimes light enough for one day, sometimes more, for plants that bloom in long days and flowering plants in short days is enough to illuminate a small amount artificial.
Application of artificial lighting is forcing mareimportanta the following plants: Convallaria, forsythia, Gladiolus, Hyacinthus, Iris, Lilium, trilobites Prunus, Rhododendron indicum, Tulipa etc. To artificial light bulbs or tubes can be used placed above the plants.
Normal flowering plants in autumn or winter (short days) and shorter day light is applied during the summer are: Begonia Glory of Lorraine, chrysanthemum, Kalanchoe, Poinsettia etc. The material in light shading to shorter days can be in black cloth, preferably of synthetic fibers to withstand, black polythene sheeting etc.

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