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Spirituality and Occultism

Occultism is the science that claims to know what is beyond common experience, which is unknown in nature and in the human soul and promises discovery of primitive truth that lies at the origin of any religion and philosophy, as a lever to raise all the forces of nature, the key that unlocks the secrets of the world.


Temperament Chart

Letters of your name affect how you finish the plans. It is quite possible that two individuals have the same number of names, but each of its component letters indicate how these people prefer to speak in terms of mental, physical, emotional or intuitive.


Destiny Number

The figure of destiny is your individual number and is key to the whole picture numerology. Compliance with the direction indicated by the figure of destiny can make your existence easier and doing them more difficult.


Personality Chart

Day, month and year of birth will increase or reduce the effect it has on personality figure your destiny. This explains why people who have the same figure of destiny can be completely different.


Discover your life cycles

The chances that arise during your life occur in cycles. Numerology can indicate this by showing your chances and events that are likely to deal. But what happens in those moments up to you.


Critical moments in your life

There are four crucial moments in your life. These are times when significant events occur, but may not be recognized until much later. During these times your energy is much improved and this can help to meet in a positive manner that you are given the chance.


Life-Energy Number

Energy figure is called the fundamental figure, or of reality. The effect it has on your chart is subtle and its influence is felt usually in the background. This number shed light on what can be done of those things that predispose you figure the combined effects of destiny and name number.


Goals number

From your birth date is off another important figure: the number of goals. It shows what you can do effectively, by what destiny you figure guide.


Birth Day Number

The figure indicates birthday and think how you behave when you are alone. It does not show the direction in life or opportunities that you will give, nor indicate areas where you are talented. Simply figure highlights those qualities birthday and things that feel safe and are at ease.


Name number

The figure shows the name of what you do in reality - not what you want and not what you think you want. It just shows how interacting with others.


Desire number

The figure shows that desires are your most hidden desires. Sometimes known as the "guiding passion" or "secret passion".



Full completion of the test of longevity can give you an idea of how long you can live as a result of lifestyle adopted routinely.
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