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Ancient Egypt

Mystery constellations

Pyramid texts speak of a ritual to mark the rebirth of the pharaoh and his union with Osiris, god of death and resurrection. In a mysterious ritual astronomical position of the stars were involved. Hence in 1964 the astronomer Virginia Trimble of Norway found that due to the phenomenon of precession (Earth's axis of rotation itself is a movement about its own axis once inperceptibila in 26,000 years) the position of stars in the sky change over time. Calculating the time it was found that the south gallery of Pharaoh room was toward the belt of Orion that was after the kingdom of Osiris pyramid texts. When Robert Bouval stars in Orion model investigated in the 80 observed that remarkably overlapped pyramids Orion's belt right on schedule.

Analyzing surroundings also found that the position of the Nile opposite the pyramids location overlapped exactly in the middle of the Milky Way.

Analyzing then the other two pyramids dating from the fourth dynasty which for unknown reasons were built a few kilometers from Giza, they bore the names of stars. The first north of Giza (Abu-Ruwash) and the second 5 miles south. Bouval position overlapped the constellation Orion pyramids and they are perfectly superimposed over the other two big shining stars of the same constellation. No doubt the whole complex of Giza represent the constellation Orion, the kingdom of Osiris.

The famous occultist Edgar Cayce stated in 1893 that the pyramids were built 10,500 years ago, so 8,000 years before the date commonly accepted by archaeologists. But astronomers checking the date on which Orion is the lowest point of the horizon (as describe the writings of the pyramid) due to this precession movement acorespundea chronologically exact date mentioned by Cayce. (10,500 years). Hence the precision and the date on which the pyramids were built. Geographical position is also amazing, if land mass is divided into four, the longest parallel and meridian intersect longest exact point where the Great Pyramid rises.

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