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Ancient Egypt

Great grave mystery

Mystery death

Pyramids are still today considered by scientists (but not those who know the symbolism and mysticism - their religious concept) as tombs for pharaohs built.

Was built this giant Egyptian pharaoh to preserve the mummy?
were cut more than 80 million cubic feet of limestone and granite brought Turah far from Aswan to satisfy the whim of a king?
As far as historians know cautious not found no device in the Great Pyramid burial. On the interior side walls contain no inscriptions or pyramid sculptures representing scenes from the life of the deceased as all other arches shelter of Egyptian tombs. All interior space is empty, devoid of the usual ornaments that liked pharaohs. No sign of decoration in one of the most important tombs in Egypt.

Another evidence is conclusive for Egyptologists uncovered receptacle empty red granite, set in King's Chamber. Its sides do not contain text, graphics memorial and religious figures that usually appear in similar situations. Why were arranged between the tomb and sewerage vent outside air? Mummies deteriorating air and no one had permission to enter them in May or death not breathe. He also placed second room, "Queen's Chamber" almost first time ever, pharaohs were buried with their wives and the second room is also completely devoid of ornamentation or writing empty, equipped with ventilation ducts.

The first who managed to enter the caliph Al Mamun was the pyramid, bringing their best people, engineers and architects, he open the pyramid in 820. As recorded writings of those times Arab incursions detailed description of Al Mamun people, inside is not charge nothing. The first and only write what ever discovered in the pyramid by British Colonel Vyse, consisted of three words .... These signs were printed on the surface of stone cutters in gross tiles. They wore the names of three sovereign (?) - Khufu, Khufu and Khnem-Khnem.
They were drawn with red paint all signs builders of Egypt. Egyptologists to argue that it would be pharaoh Khufu of the fourth dynasty the Cheops. Statue of Cheops has never been found inside the pyramid.

But what it used pyramids? They had a very profound role in representing the entire religion of Egypt's three stars in Orion arm, not a ritual burial of a king songur. Like the Sphinx, they were dedicated to rituals of light because the name ancient Egyptians gave to the pyramid was "light" and were made after some very accurate astronomical calculations. Experiments conducted recently found that a modern Pyramidology perfect pyramid shape (the ratio of the number of gold comply) as if the great pyramids of Egypt, has amazing capabilities. Gordon Hughes, a prominent American Pyramidology done much in his workshop in Dorset experiences with small pyramids. Under the effect of the pyramid, a dull blade placed in the middle of them increasing their ordinary hours later. She has an amazing effect on plant growth, improves the taste of food, fresh water, etc. play.

Egyptians knew pyramid effect as evidence, the exact proportions and interior sites in place with maximum effect. Psychoanalysis confirms fully the existing texts of the buildings, the arts, sciences and technology such time that those people would not spend so much energy just to iluzioneze. All ancients admired for their wisdom. Historians and history confirms that ancient Egyptians were a people who could not lead by the nose. All the great schools of the ancient world were in Egypt. Those who really know the Pyramid texts, symbolism, mysticism and religion giving it to their old science that are alive today, Hermetics (alchemy), astrology, tarot, etc.. Egyptians say that by their nature were esoteric. Some "parapsychology." They know that the pyramids were used in the experiment states amending daunazi consciousness experiencing exactly how yogic monks, Tibetan each with its own means. In Egyptian writings were found mantras or stations that still use them today for the same Tibetan mystics. To achieve "enlightenment" - the old ideal of the worshipers of Ra, god of light.

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