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Ancient Egypt

Pyramid mystery

Egyptian Pyramids

One of the great secrets of the pyramid is that it complies with building proportions mysterious golden number. Today is known about the construction of pyramids, temples and tombs of Egypt are placed means income that they give a true projection of constellations and even the Milky Way. Some scientists such as Robert Bauval Roky McCollumn and found that the alignment of the three Giza pyramids to form a golden spiral (which keeps the exact number golden ratio f = 1.218 ...) which is superimposed exactly over the astronomical map "'s arm's Orion "and Sphinx lies on the axis of symmetry of the golden rectangle within which the spiral.
Bouval Robert was the first who showed that structures at Giza stars in the constellation Orion reflect order. Egyptians believed that Osiris resided in the constellation thus suggesting its importance in their religion.

Also shaft coluarului access tomb in the pyramid is centered on the Pole Star with impressive accuracy: 4 minutes from the angle made in relation to one of the stars of Dragon showing exactly true north. The four corners of the square base is directed to the four cardinal points with perfect accuracy and multiplying the result by 1 billion pyramid height exactly distance from Earth to Sun, which is 150 million kilometers. Countless examples could continue.

Pyramids have a huge architectural complex site that proves more or mystical qualities and scientific applications. Forwarding those wanting to reflect perfection and knowledge. Since ancient times, geomancy, location, shape and proportions were of great importance in crop science major popare Arising true feng shui or geomancy as Indian even older than this. All this science gave the best balance spiritual and material. Thus some more specific buildings and pyramids of Giza, were intended to alter consciousness adapting it to the construction of optimal parameters that reflect them. In this case giving the highest spiritual experience. In this well-known journalist and publicist Paul Brunton in English "Secret Egypt" by drawing some parallels between ancient traditions and forms, based on written texts say that the pyramids were used in practicing certain rituals such as duplication astral very common practice in antiquity. The shape and proportions of pyramids facilitate such practice their occult sciences, which opens to the High mysteries of the universe. Such trips were made in the constellation of Osiris in a state of ecstatic trance, astral splitting. In this were found many potions from herbs or mixtures of substances, spells and forms of ritual practice that favored it.

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