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Ancient Egypt


Mysterious and transcendent, the Sphinx is claimed today scientists as a mystery. The old science of mysteries associated with Egyptian Gnosticism, astrology, tarot, or give a special importance alchemy Sphinx keeper associating it with the great mysteries of knowing key holder great mysteries of the universe. By analyzing the symbolism of the Sphinx is also found to Taurus, Leo, eagle and man (as in icons treprezentat Egyptian). The four symbols placed around the Throne Divine Revelation Ioan.Aceleasi symbols represented in fixed signs of the zodiac are arranged on the four directions of space (as over the pyramids).

Taurus (spring), Leo (summer), Eagle - Scorpio (autumn) and Aquarius - man (winter).
Taurus (East), Leo (South), Eagle - Scorpio (west) and Aquarius (north).

These fixed signs expressing stability, fixity but they focus - in astrology - the potential of previous elements. Taurus focus fire, water Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius focuses air analog ground and speaking so Taurus. Thus symbolizing Raota World. These symbols are also represented on the Tarot Arcanul number 21. These are the 4 symbols of the 4 evangelists. In alchemy it is a whole process, completely - Tetramorful - without which no great work can be done. In all mystical traditions, they signify the four primary elements that formed the universe. (Earth, water, fire and air - together forming the one of the five-century ether, a substance in which they dissolve).

Egyptian Legends say that under the pyramid are underground maze where you can wander for months and that the core of which are hidden sources of knowledge. Radar tests have detected abnormalities in the soil beneath the Sphinx structure indicating the presence of cavities in the soil. All anomalies seemed connected by a narrow cavity but still have not done any digging under the Sphinx and in the pyramid. As in all religions of the world, the Sphinx symbolism is closely related to light, and the entire Egyptian religion. Sphinx is facing east just waiting for sunrise, symbolizing rebirth and life as royal tombs were located on the western bank of the Nile opposite the sun symbolizing life analogy with the past.

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