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Ancient Greece


Among the most popular divinities was Demetra mysterious, revered both in Thrace and the Greek regions. Mircea Eliade argues that "morphologically, it continues the great goddess of the Neolithic." Demetra was considered the goddess of agriculture, fertility cycles and harmony of nature. She was revered by special ceremonies with dances, songs, pantomime and other forms of agrarian rites. Her cult center was at Eleusis, near Athens. These mysteries have continued for almost 2000 years. These ceremonies not only the initiated could participate, the main teachings revealing the mysteries of the universe, duplication astral trance-inducing mystical contemplation in adoration or to the Deity, dezvaluin mysteries of archetypal symbols that are reflected in all creation as all that was manifested being studied by various occult sciences such as numerology, tarot, astrology, etc..

Mysteries of Eleusis were officially recognized and protected led by high priests. Before initiation candidates were required a thorough cleansing ritual, fasting and sacrifices.

After this neophyte take part in a secret meeting where he revealed some symbolic meanings of sacred objects by revealing while transfiguration magic ritual formulas (mantras) that he could get in touch with that aspect of the Divine, as he enters a accompanied by strong spiritual trance visions.

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