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Ancient Greece


Dionysus is also a Thracian deity, a god with solar as a symbol of vines and wine signified mystical ecstasy and drink a mysterious soul was filled during the rituals of worship. This god was worshiped as an incarnation of nature, life and during these rituals satyrs, wild, silent, and nymphs menade dancing in a cheerful and noisy band of music accompanied the procession as reconstructing flute god's image. These rites are celebrated at night on the heights of mountains with crowns of ivy or applying and horns of goats and deer.

In Thrace worshipers is hot even with living snakes creeping IBS hair leaving it filled with the path train rhythms of consuming red wine. These rituals - catharsis purified by itself had an effect that allowed the release of tension subconstinte. Free psychic of all inhibitions. This mystical belief that the abandonment adptii had united with the Divine.

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