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Ancient Greece


Orphic Mysteries had their origins from a Thracian god Orpheus, after the tradition of a singer or guitar to the song it could imblanzii charmed beasts and even the god of hell when he descended into Hell after Euridiche, his lover. It was considered the inventor of magic and mystery of homonyms, the initiator of a true religion. Orphism however, is totally different and far superior to other cultures of the Greek mysteries. It was a secret society in that office "hymns" that contained a vast Orphic theogony, cosmogony and antopologie and saving doctrine. The man wearing Orphism sin from birth that you must atone by suffering, an idea held by Christianity today. Human soul is imprisoned in the body just like a prison. The purpose of ritual practice, of asceticism and worship to the divine was to save his soul and the eternal cycle of reincarnation end along existences, widespread idea in Buddhism (Eastern traditions). Orphism is considered the first religion that has a large book and they are treated advanced ideas of transcendental ideology and liberating doctrine.

There are obvious analogies between tablets also - Orphic funeral guides (of the dead journey to the underworld) and the book of the dead in Egypt. His influences were the ritual and iconography manifeta and Christian in many paintings of the catacombs Christ is symbolized as Orpheus in the position "Good Shepherd", hence the idea of ??the Dacians who precrestinism keep this tradition of Orpheus the Thracian god. This lonely living on high peaks of the mountains Riphei (Carpathians today), was torn by their adoration jealous. Unlike other mysteries, Orpheus was worshiped as the sacrifice, he who gave the sacrifice itself, imposing its mysteries humility, compassion and self-sacrifice - giving up his own ego and the world.

Orphic hymns were dedicated to various deities such as Nemesis, Fortuna, leucotos three bars, the nine Muses, Moon, Sun, etc.. They suggested in their repertoire a touch of excitement, generosity, nobility, purity and harmony

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