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Ancient religions

Ancient Egypt


Egyptian religion is a transposition of celestial mysteries of everyday life. Religion in physically embodying not only make it easier to understand but also to expose the vast knowledge that "everything is up and down" (Hermes Trismegistros). Principles of heaven are those of nature and every human being or earthly element express a universal archetypal cosmic aspect. A holistic wisdom rather than zoomorphic, the latter being only for the uninitiated.

After teaching theologians from the beginning was the ocean of darkness, chaos, Nun, but who dwelt Atum, uncreated light which then will get out of the depths in the face of the sun, becoming Ra and creating worldwide. Atum-Ra created the four gods and goddesses 4:
Nut - sky and mother Mrs. stars
Cheb - the earth goddess
Osiris - fertility god
Isis - wife of Osiris,
Seth - god of darkness, the killer of his brother, Osiris,
Hathor - king of peace and all the gods
Ptah - the god with beautiful face
Sobec - Water Mr.
Ammon, but was revered as the supreme god and has gained increasing importance in higher Thebes.

The Egyptians were also a lot of evil spirits and demons but could not impose definitive triumph of evil. Egyptian religion the death as a natural crossing point to a different life during life preparing for the big crossing. Among cults and cult is sacred sacred bull Apis, the goddess Hathor - cow-headed woman, the god Anubis - jackal-headed man, Sobec water god - man with the head of crocodile, the cult of Horus - the man-headed kite etc..

But these issues zoolatry signified. For example jackal who eat corpses in the dead middle of the night, that embody the principle of switching occult underworld, the mystery of death, death god Anubis animated. Jackals at night was associated with a death ritual. Teaching sacred symbols were transposed in vivid, concrete, express an obvious reality. Goddess Hathor, the cow-headed woman, symbolizes the principle of mind quiet, calm, inspired by compassion and concern for all beings. For the same reason the cow is worshiped in India. Calm, naturalness, gentleness and devotion are really adored aspects of yoga devotee who aspires to enlightenment, so cow is the animal itself an expression of non-existence of mind (one that creates the illusion of this world) peace and calm. Monkey-headed god symbol expressing normal human mind, uncontrolled. In Egyptian rituals trained monkeys sat motionless for hours holding lit torches to illuminate the rooms as a symbol of mind control is required in that ritual.

Therefore those who do not know archetypal symbols will not really understand religion Egyptian, Tibetan, Indian and Buddhism. In all temples of the Egyptian mysteries were first initiated neophytes elected in symbols (which impregnate the collective subconscious - CG Jung) numerology, human, etc. zoomorphic.

Some famous initiated in Egypt: Pythagoras, Herodotus, Socrates, Moses, Aristotle, Plato, Deceneu Corilos, Zamolxis, Hermes etc.

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