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Ancient religions

Dacian Religion


The extensive information about the Dacian religion in history has left Herodotus: "Here is what they think is immortal. Their belief is that they do not die, but as one who dies goes to Zalmoxis ...." Belief in the immortality of the soul as well as in all other world religions lead to the idea of ??transcedentalism the Dacians "not afraid of death" (Herodotus). They transcend the physical body and the world "for laugh and cry when someone dies they are born." In Carmenides, Socrates speaks of the Thracian doctor "one of those doctors of the king who is said to Zamolxes mastered the craft to make you immortal." What is important is that the Dacians and aim to become immortal and immortal capturing not believe it came from spiritual practices. Zamolxis teaches "that neither he nor his guests nor their descendants will not die but will only move to a place where living for-ever will get all the goodies"

This is what promises great prophets of the world, Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, etc.. This postexistenta was obtained through initiation by the spiritual practices and looks for information on vegetarianism and temperance geographer Strabo called the theosebei (pious god) ktistoi (founders) and abioi (literally: lifeless) - a term that could describe inactive state of meditation in which only prolonged consciousness is awake, as Herodotus describes withdrawal for 3 years under the earth's Zamolxis (practice, very widespread at that time in India, Tibet, Persia, etc.).

Dacians believed in reincarnation of souls is also very widespread at the time. Helanicos teryzii and crobyzii say, two Thracian tribes, the Dacians believed neighbors will not die and go to Zamolxis. But stay beside God is not definitive because they believe that the dead will return. They go and have fun offerings for "dead to return" (Suidas).

Dacian warriors also considered an honor to die in battle, an idea found in yoga philosophy and Samkia - see Bhagavad-gita (II.32) to the north, where heroes go to Valhalla.

Dacian priests Dromihetes, Diupaneus, Deceneu were chosen because they could read the future and predict, knowing the mysteries of the world.

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