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Therapy with essential oils has been practiced since ancient times knowing that a certain scent can generate some effect on the body due to the principle of resonance. Some oils act when inspired fast nervous system causing almost immediate beneficial effects of relaxation can be an excellent remedy in treating neuroses and insomnia. The content of dreams may be closely related to the disposal before falling asleep, causing the appearance of a pleasant or unpleasant content of the dream. Thus a certain fragrance can generate a certain kind of dreams due to descpre resonance principle mentioned above.
Examples of musk fragrance, essential oil of rose, wild flowers, incense released into the atmosphere with an aromatherapy lamp.
If Insomnia can consume an extract of St. John's Wort combined soak in three tablespoons of lavender tincture, three spoons and three tablespoons tincture tincture melilot sole gang.

If nightmares can eat a teaspoon of powdered rattle race ("grass fears" - just because it has the ability to banish the "fears"). The plant is kept under the tongue 10 minutes and then swallow with water.
airy room with fresh linens, fragrances of lavender, Sânziene, jasmine, lemon, basil, etc.. accompanied by a candle (the unsuport aprisa specifically to eliminate any hazards) draw resonance with astral worlds especially if there is room and archetypal images and sounds that stir up a CD of nature sounds, rain sounds, a nice classical music to induce state of innocence, we can translate sounds into the distant past of childhood, of past lives or present in a paradise where your spirit wander liber.Este important to recommend music and flavors as you feel suits you or according to certain states.

Peppermint oil - indicated especially in very hot days because the feeling of coolness, freshness. It is also recommended for more "hot" because it is such a cool shower reducing irritability and nervousness.
basil oil - indicated especially to very tired or asthenic because it combines in an unprecedented effect of relaxation with the revitalization and even the stimulation.

Lemon oil - is preferred by people suffering from sedentary living because it has a flavor that gives freshness, clarity and clarity by creating a state of relaxation associated with good mood.

Orange oil - produces a sense of satisfaction, intimacy facilitates sleep.

Lavender oil - soothes and promotes mental tensions gradual transition to sleep. This oil is especially preferred by women because it has a very refined flavor, ethereal.

Rose oil - used in small doses gives a pleasant feeling of comfort, remove mental tension and muscle creates a predisposition to daydreaming. It is probably the most refined flavor with soothing effect.

Pine oil - like oil and pine transmit force, gives a sense of security and stability. It is recommended for people who feel weak, limp.

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