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Astrologers are divided into two current trends: the rationalist and spiritualist. Prprimii practice astrology as a means of direct knowledge of the people. Based on investigative techniques in sec. nineteenth century (such as psychoanalysis), it refuses astrology esoteric spiritual dimensions. It is, after all, twin sister of "medicine lead" Western, which knows only the material body. Refusing the etheric body and astral existence, the medicine man sees only a set of physical and chemical reactions. As Pasteurian medicine, astrology realtionista ignore cosmic purpose of man.
adoua For astrologers of the trends, the study individual basis is more important than just finding the body sick, mentally unbalanced or disturbed emotional life. But even more unacceptable, this astrological theme can answer fundamental questions which they put the individual: "Who am I? What servste my existence? Where I come from? Where I go after death?"

Spiritualist astrologer relocates man in space-time structure which has finaliatea light. Esoteric astrology is reincarnationista naturalmente. Thus the level of the explanation is much broader. The current theme is just a reincarnation, but that is the result of past and contains viretilor "germ" for the next predispositions. Native theme of the moment of death give even an indication of the incarnations viitoraei ..
Of course, a topic analyzed in this perspective "karma" explains clearly tastes, temperament, native defects and qualities. This declined to a level much deeper than psihanalaiza investigation, because it recognizes the fingerprint esoteric astrology previous experiences on current behavior of the subject (if a young woman who no psychologist could not explain frigidity, disgust because they came from any sexual relationship a past life, that this young man died after a rape). Trauma previous lives can be read in a theme if enough competent astrologer.
without being itself a religion, astrology is a revelation on the organization spiritualist Cosmusului: "In the beginning God created heaven and earth" - Genesis. And God said "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night, they may be signs and seasons, days and years." The study of these lights shall be a form of transcendental meditation. Practiced thus produces a light spiritualist astrology. Is also a great way to see the masters of antiquity. This is why reincarnation and astrology have never been in opposition in ancient civilizations. They go together, naturalmente, as two parallel and complementary types of research aspect managed directly by priests and initiates. A large number of Western traditions, which Transitive orally, were lost. Appropriate teaching Druids, for example, which as it seems, in Gaul and Britain, have led astrology and reincarnation (as Caesar says).
In sec. XVIII and XIX a big black hole: astrology falls in a total discredit. Rare ezoteristi, rozecrucieni, alchemists, kabalisti, keep the flame still often at the cost of their lives. They will be at the origin of a renaissance that will not only expand in the next century. In Germany Goethe realiatea will be convinced of reincarnation and astrology enthusiast. But he failed to unite them both.
Finally in the second half of the nineteenth century rise a few spirits who will return to Indian and Tibetan sources (in the east was not rejected any astrology or reincarnation).
Indian and Tibetan astrology.
This partre the world, reincarnation was a part of everyday life, and astrology also often. Indian astrologers when reviewing a chart, made ??always a karmic interpretation. For them it was only natural to seek each his own spiritual path and that to concede to evolve must first admit mistakes and overcome them. Astrology help in this respect was a huge help because being to realize the mistakes that caused his past still lives. Indian astrologers were kind shamans, magicians, some even has some occult powers (psychic) ??and read past lives. This is easier than analysis, because such detarmina real cause of a blockage, sickness, helplessness, fear, etc.. Their analysis relied heavily on simbolisml and even took into consideration people's dreams and visions.

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