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Ayurveda - Science

Healing with herbs

One of the most famous scientists who described the tooth about musical notes, numbers and influence of planets on human beings but Pythagoras was the source of this science is sacred in ancient Egyptian temples of mysteries of the initiates. Music therapy as a science based on sound principles there since ancient times. Today she is fairly well exposed to the principles of modern psychoanalysis. Repetivitatea harmonies sound creates altered states of consciousness. This is especially the music pure, harmonious, elevated. A loud music like rock, metal and even jazz induce negative moods, depression, anxiety that resonates with low-frequency energy. Native Americans were so-called sacred dances with which healed the sick by repeated melodic modulations. The African tribes also medicine men healed magic rhythm of drums.

Of all the systems existing medical knowledge, Ayurveda is perhaps the oldest, best developed and most complex of all. And spread knowledge on a scale of increasingly large traditional medical science of this is currently supported by some of the World Health Organization initiatives that are explicitly recorded in documents from 1974 and 1978.
Herbal Ayurvedic wisdom is treating using medicinal plants, depending on the patient's constitutional type and nature of the disease generator imbalance. In view of traditional Ayurvedic system, health means primarily a perfect harmony. These medical system goal is not to play the human beings who suffer a temporary state of physical comfort, physical or mental. Health of a human being can not be reduced to a simple state of comfort or well. All those who knew and followed the principles of this traditional system could check shortly thereafter this truth.

Ayurveda focuses primarily on disease prevention rather than treatment, without negligence when it is a natural healing cure. Therefore it is very common among people think that herbal medicine treatment modalities they offer only slow, but in fact this is the key to effective and complete healing by completely eliminating the causes of the disease. If you look objectively in the past we can see that mankind has not changed very much during this time. Indeed, technology and industry have reached very advanced levels of development but surely, the body composition of human physical and mental structure is almost unchanged from that of human beings for thousands of years ago is subject to the same types of disorders and diseases as at present. For this reason, unbroken tradition for thousands of years of Ayurvedic system sustained over time by many practical experiments, now has a say.

Ayurveda says that the flowering of individual conscience determine health and harmony of life. Each civilization has produced its own imbalances. Today can reveal how general concern centered on spiritual values ??before the truth, goodness and beauty today to set in materialistic values: money, pleasure animal, comfort, fame, power for the sake of power. The main behavior stimulated appreciated today became chaotic fun and superficial movement from one thing to another. Another difficulty of our civilization today is that deprives us of time to take care of us and those we love.

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