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A king is born


Sakyamuni Buddha was born in sec. IV BC at Kapilavastru, son of a king Sudhadana. His mother, Maya had a dream (a white elephant) which was interpreted as signifying the birth of a great wise king, prophecy was confirmed by a pilgrim monk. Even at birth the infant was seen as being seven-step initiative to achieve the significance of spiritual perfection.
Countless miracles and signs announced his birth. When the child has entered a Brahmanic temple allegedly gods rose from their places, worshiping at the feet of Buddha and singing to the glory mnuri. Sages having examined his body recognized the 32 basic signs and the 80 signs of the great side. What is significant is the way he traveled.
His father forbid him wanting to prophesied spiritual life, for fear of running out of heir, the fundamental truths of life hidden, making it the world to believe that there is only happiness and abundance. It all begins one day when Buddha praseste palace with royal procession. Looking around and surprise revelation when he is suffering and illusion of this world. Sorry, the truth of impermanence izbitorul, finds the solution in finding the image of a monk inspired addevarului who was there. So he secretly left the palace, his wife and child Yesodhara or newborn. Become ascetic changes the name Gautama. Study practices under the guidance of different masters Samkhya, Yoga and asceticism techniques passed their masters in all. Sorry that the truth has not been withdrawn solitude.

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