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Esoteric Christianity


In the superconscious states "when you're high above the edges of consciousness" (St. Isaac the Syrian) objective and subjective elements get a different value. Perception has no thoughts as "... as soon as a thought arises it will not get fit and will not take chips" (St. Symeon the New Theologian).

"This is the temporary denial of thoughts do not come from the Spirit" (St. Gregory of Sinai) and then hesychast grace to feel the Holy Spirit and God's thoughts. They now come as a complex and subtle perception omniscient. There is a total knowledge of all events, state of clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. foreknowledge of things. They are now directly experienced the intervention excluding ordinary thoughts. Appears only feeling alive as they happen in you. To explain these perceptions sciences were born Christian Gnostic occult terms taken from Christianity and Christian symbols used in occult or divinatory acts or ancient sciences such as alchemy, Kabbalah, Tarot:
- Lapis Cristis, Immaculate Vergo, Grail, crusaders sword, androgynous hermetic, cornerstone, rose from the mother's arm, etc. Tetramorful.


Occultism also try using a holistic language, translated by our minds as archetypal symbols comprehensive and broader but still lead to essentially the transcendent. For example:

Gold sun in occultism is quality. It is a state that occultist (or alchemist, Gnostic, Tarot divination in, kabalist etc.) invokes a principle pure and unalterable and not a shiny metal itself. These symbols are perceived in the state of superconscious mind. When language is symbolic, archetypal. Biblical prophets and visions illustrious saints these descriptions contain archetypal symbolic precisely because they were perceived in the superconscious ecstatic states, where there are no common mind, to translate the ideas, thoughts, concepts, etc.. Therefore all descriptions related to the divine plans occur in both the Bible and other sacred writings as symbolic occult. Even Jesus disciples to readjust renamed the archetypal principles. They are as follows:
- The four Evangelists are also represented by the church as the bull, the eagle, the man (Aquarius) and lion.
- The four symbols representing the whole mystical traditions in all
- Jesus is also represented as a lamb, surrounded by these 4 elements (earth for bull, water for people, air and fire eagle lion).
- Spring is knowledge.

All who had the perception of truth will use the same symbols to express archetypal. Revelation is also an archetypal symbols perceived writing. It can not be translated only by those who see in spirit or who know these archetypal symbols.

Those who see in spirit if they have the opportunity to see the Spirit descending, they will perceive him as a dove or more. Dove is not only the archetypal symbol for the descent of the Holy Spirit to translate such a mind could conceive.


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