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Chromotherapy - color therapy

The significance of color

Red is the color of fire and primary life force. It is life-giving energy. It's hot. May indicate passion, a mind and a strong will. It is a strong color, shades they can show anger, passionate love, hate. It is color that affects the circulatory system, the reproductive and awakening the latent abilities and talents. Too much red or a shade cloudy reflect stimulation, inflammation or imbalance. It may reflect nervousness, bright temperament, aggressiveness, impulsiveness or excitement. Very hot color, generally stimulating, exciting, irritate, provoke, incite action, creates a feeling of proximity in space, flash, animate, activate, mobilize, facilitate mental associations of ideas.

Portocaliul este culoarea caldurii, creativitatii si emotiilor. Indica bucurie, curaj si un caracter sociabil. Este o culoare care poate reflecta deschiderea catre dimensiunile subtile ale manifestarii. În functie de nuanta, poate indica dezechilibru emotional, agitatie, mânie sau ostentatie. Poate exprima de asemenea îngrijorare si vanitate. Este un bun stimulator emotiv si creaza senzatie de apropiere puternica; este mai activ decât galbenul; în cantitati si pe suprafete mari pare dulceag si iritant.

Orange is the color of warmth, creativity and emotions. Indicates joy, courage and a sociable character. It is a color that can reflect the subtle dimensions of the opening event. Depending on the color may indicate emotional imbalance, agitation, anger or ostentation. Can also expressed concern and vanity. It is a good incentive and creates feeling of close emotional strong, is more active than yellow, in large quantities and the surface seems sweet and irritating.

YELLOW Yellow is one of the colors that can be easily seen in the aura. Yellow hair around contour indicates optimism. Yellow is the color of mental activity and sunlight. Show open to the learning, enlightenment, wisdom and intelligence. Pastel shades often reflect the enthusiasm, strength and spiritual development of ideas (especially when off-white). Murky shades darker or may reflect excessive thinking and analysis. It can reflect being overly critical, dogmatism and a sense of ingratitude from others. Dimana warm color, the color of joy, warmth, intimacy, satisfaction, admiration, refreshing, stimulating view, the psihonevrozelor soothing sensation of proximity in space, stimulate and maintain alertness, increases capacity for mobilizing and concentrating, predisposes to comunicativitate. Yellow long regarded feeling tired, but is bearable pale tones.

Green is the color sensitivity and compassion. Reflects growth, sympathy and calm. May indicate a person of trust, open-minded and that you can rely on. Bright green with shades of blue show someone's aura healing powers. It is a color of wealth, strength and friendship. Murky shades of green or dark may reflect uncertainty or avarice. Green cloudy often reflect jealousy and possessive nature. Can also show doubt and mistrust. Generate silence, mood, relaxation, meditation, balance, contemplation, plenty of mental association of ideas is a cold color, pleasant, restful, soothing and calming, sense of freshness, facilitates disconnecting nervous feeling away from space.

After yellow, blue is the second color can be seen easily in the aura. It is the color of calm and tranquility. Reflect devotion, truth and seriousness. Shades of blue reflect an active imagination and good intuition. Dark colors can indicate loneliness. Blue indicates intense honesty and discernment. It may also indicate a person who has found or is about to find vocation. Murky shades of blue can reflect blocked perceptions, melancholy, rushing and worrying, domineering, fear, forgetfulness and oversensitivity. It is a very cool color, restful and soothing, urges calm reverie, concentration and inner peace predisposition, excess leads to depression seriously, tend to evoke, spaciousness, tolerance, peace, longing, nostalgia, favors development of inhibition processes and slowdown of activity, feeling of distance in space, distance, infinite and meditation.

VIOLET Violet is the color of transformation, combining the heart with the mind of the physical with the spiritual. Reflect independence, intuition and also a dynamic activity and significant dreams. Show a person search. Purple shades indicate the ability to act with common sense and trial. And pale shades of purple can reflect humility clear and spirituality. The purple-red can indicate great passion strength of will, and also the need for more individual effort. Dark and murky shades show the need to overcome a situation. May also reflect an intense erotic imagination and tend to be extremely patient, need of sympathy and feeling of being misunderstood. It is a cold color, unsettling and daunting, stimulating, contradictory effect, attraction and removal at the same time, optimism and nostalgia, feeling very close in space, color gives the feeling of gravity.

BLACK Black is the color of the auric spectrum questionable . It is a color that, when the aura appears, may reflect a state of self defense or that person has secrets. Indicate also a new understanding of the impending responsibilities and personal liabilities. Black may indicate imbalance and physical problems, if it occurs around the body. Located at the outer edge of the aura, points to a black hole, which occurs in people addicted to alcohol or tobacco. Generate retention, anxiety, depression, introspection, emotion, sense of depth, fullness and weight.

WHITE White is often seen in the aura as a gracious shadow as a substrate for other colors. White contains all colors in it, and it appears to force the aura, it happens in correlation with other colors. This is the criterion by which we realize if it's real or just a perception of poor perception of the aura. When white is a color in the aura independent, reflects spirituality, truth and purity. Show that the energy of the individual purification. Often reflects an extraordinary creativity. Generate expansion, ease, suavity, strength, purity, coldness, it is tiring because of the brilliance that presents a total capacity of light reflection.

GRI is a color of initiation, the awakening of innate capacities. Shades of silver reflect an awakening of the feminine energies, the underlying illumination, intuition and creative imagination. Shades of gray show physical imbalance, selfishness and the need not to leave anything unfinished. It becomes especially valuable in this other colors whose effect diminishes them.

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