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Natural Cosmetics

Beauty products - vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits in natural cosmetics

Natural therapies are integrated into increasingly use vegetables and fruits. Thus, carrots, give a very fine grater, are used to soothe irritated skins and tomatoes, with their acid content are able to clean greasy skins. Tomato pulp can run as a face mask held for 15-20 minutes works effectively on oily skin, and with carrot root by applying a mask (root race) can cure brown spots that appear with age the skin. Generally carrot in the form of mask or fresh juice is used for maintenance irritated skin, stained or congested.
Vitamins and minerals grape skin rinse and give it a slight shine.

Watermelon juice, with its natural sugars nourish skin becomes smooth.
An important part of moisturizer on the skin it is cucumber. This can cut 5-6 cucumber slices in a mature and leave 2 hours in a quart of milk. The mixture obtained is massage the skin resulting in its hydration. All of cucumber or rather of cucumber juice, can be prepared for the dry skin of the face mask, combining the juice with a tablespoon of cream. Obtained mask over your skin dry for 30 minutes, then remove with warm chamomile infusion. For dry skins, cucumber juice mixed with 100ml alcohol (60 degrees), put to soak for 48 hours and then filtered is of great use skin by dabbing.
Lettuce is good in treating peripheral circulatory disorders by applying compresses decoction prepared a clove salad and a liter of water.
dill leaves are used for oily skin with enlarged pores. Prepare mixture of 20-30g fresh leaves to one cup water, plus 20g glycerin, 50g alcohol and juice from one lemon and then the skin is made ??lotionari.
Wheat bran (250 g) mixed with 1 liter of milk will form a skin softening preaparat that helps remove rough and roselii. Wheat bran sieved through a dense sieve and boil in milk for 10 minutes. When the mixture is still warm hands are inserted, thus keeping them until the mixture has cooled. Making the bathrooms will be three times a week.
It is already known due to numerous studies, the hair is primarily responsible for generating pleasant appearance, monopolizing 80% of the eyes. Washing hair with different nutrient solutions strengthens roots, gives luster and color. Using various mixtures nutritious avoid its collapse. For this purpose you can use a mixture of 20 ml vitamin oil, Gerovital H3 5 ml lemon juice 50 ml. With this mixture rubbing the hair every night for 10 days. After a break of 10 days and repeat treatment as hair regain its vigor and resistance drops considerably diminishing rainfall. Throughout treatment and not only can use a shampoo for washing hair with egg yolk preparation. It is very nourishing for the hair. So, take two yolks, beat well and add about 10ml cologne, alcohol 70% 20 ml and 0.5 l water. With the mixture wash your hair.
Foot care is also an important factor of our existence. Inactivity and inactivity means diseased legs lead to premature aging of the body. Strengthening the legs skin can be done using seed thyme. Mix thyme seed 250 g with 250 ml ethyl alcohol 95 degrees and put to soak in a tightly closed bottle for 15 days in warm place. After this period the mixture is filtered and the extract is kept in tightly closed bottles. A teaspoon of this extract placed in the bath for the feet help strengthen their skin. For sweaty feet can use a formula comprised of stone sour water in a ratio of 50g to 2 liters. Water must be hot to dissolve the stone. After the foot bath is dissolved and then powdered with talc feet. Sour perish is particularly useful in strengthening nails, mixed with lemon juice. Stir in equal proportion and lemon juice sour stone after stone was previously dissolved in water. Stir the mixture thus obtained. To strengthen nails, after they were cleared from the lake, rub with a cotton swab soaked in the solution so prepared.

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