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Dacia Hyperborean

Dacia felix

This magical, Hyperborea associated with "Land lucky" has its projection in space Dacic, for himself Emperor Trajan named the territory Getae "Dacia Felix". Romanian legend speaks of a population in mysterious blajinii, rohmanii, rucmanii, which says that "I am meek are saints, living at the end of the world (" beyond the Boreas ") near Sambetii water, they are all Hermitage; country Tracked called their (Macaroni nesoi - that His Holiness Islands). ... At the gates of heaven are almost Rohmani found living water and dead water. "

Flavius ??Josephus Vasile Parvan notice that I liken the Dacians with that section of Palestine that we know as the Essenes and the monks have as strict and austere Dacia organization and giving that sense of simplicity and asceticism of life by purifying the waiver of property to acquire earthly immortality.

Ancient historian Strabo, the Dacians and praised also copy their way of life that included many sciences among which astrology, astronomy (in astronomical calendars and Costesti Sarmizegetusa).

I. Kazarov said: "There is another parallel to belief in immortality better than faith in the Getae Hyperboreans. Hyperboreans this happy family living a spiritual life, somewhere beyond the mountains are literally right souls of the dead. Schroder proved that faith in Hyperboreans is of Thracian ... likeness of Hyperboreans and 'Getae who go to Zamolxis' conspicuous

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