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Dacia Hyperborean

Dacia Hyperborean

All historical sources say that a people were eminently Getae Hyperborean.
Pindar shows Apollo, these high walls of Troy after returning to his homeland on the Ister (Istron Elaunon) to Hyperboreans (Olymp. VIII. 47).

Strabo says in "Geography XI.62" as "first to open different parts of the world say they lived above the Pont Euxin Hyperboreans and of Istria."

Clement of Alexandria called the prophet Dacilor Zamolxis, Hyperborean (Stromata IX.213).

Apollonius of Rhodes said the "Argonauts II.5 and 675" as "Hyperboreans are Pelasgians, the inhabitants of northern Thrace.."

Macrobiu speaking regions watered by the Don and the Danube (Ister et Tanais) as lands Hyperboreans (Comm in Somnium Scipionis II.7).


Pliny the Elder tells us that people who lived their Arimphaei-Rife close to mountains, descended from people Hyperboreans (His.nat. VI.7). Many authors speak of lands Hyperboreans mountains while Rife knows the Carpathians were called in Monthes ancient Riphaei. Also understood by the old Axis Boreus, Cardines Mundi, chione - Ouranon etc, spiritual pole of the world.

Ovidiu complained after being exiled to Tonis it is compelled to spend their life under Axis Boreus, left Pontus Euxin (sad IV.41 and 42). In another letter he says he found just below Cardines Mundi and that speaks with his friend in the shaft imagination in the country boreal Getae (Ponte II.19, 40.45).

Martial epigram addressed to a soldier who left the expedition Marcelin Dacia wrote, "Marcelin soldier, you go now to take on your shoulders sky and stars Hyperborean pole getic.." All Martial called Domitian's triumph over the Dacians "Hiperboreus Triumfus" (Ep VIII.78) and in "Ep VIII.50" write "three times passed through the treacherous horns Istru Sarmatic three times he washed his horse in Getae snow, always modest, he refused the triumph it deserves ua sin brought fame to be won than Hyperboreans world. "

Virgil in "George IV, V.5, 17" of Orpheus said: "lonely, ice scour and Don Hyperboreans plains covered with ice and snow around the mountain again without Riphei (Carp) until these women trace of contempt or anger sfasiara it. "

Geographer Ptolemy describes in "Geography III.10" one of the main cities of Dacia as situated on Hierasus (today Siren) and is called Piribori-dava, showing a city name Hyperborean.

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