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Dacia Hyperborean

Hyperborean Space

Geticus Polus, Axis Boreis, names associated with the land clearly defined notion hyperborean center as the spiritual pole like "World Centre", "Macaroni nesoi", "Isulele lucky" - "where the sky can communicate with the earth" (Mircea Eliade - History religions) and have always a mythical representation, geographic space and goals also like Shambala, Eden, Pong-Lai, Gilgamesh, etc. Garden.

After Pindar "anyone, nor earth nor sea could not find the path that leads to great games Hyperboreans" (Pyth. X.29). In other words, the country and its inhabitants here are a mythical geography. They are a holy tribe exempt from disease and old age, as Pindar says everything about Hyperboreans that "can live 1,000 years, they do not know any fighting work and spend the lyre and flute vrmea dancing." After Eliade it is a heavenly place comparable to where they went Isles of the Blessed souls of heroes.

It is thus about a two-dimensional realm, one geographically (see stories ancient historical sources), and one that holds a mythological heavenly realm "beyond the Boreas" after the myth of Delphi. Geographic Land here is a gateway to the mythical (the god Apollo was called the gate, the classical Greeks precisely as a "favor" passage in the afterlife.) As for example we Eden Biblical geographical representation comprising rivers Tigris and Euphrates (Genesis II .10,14).

Acquiring the mythical Eden as the required waiver Hyperboreans world divine contemplation and spiritual techniques and different practices. Writers describe as ancient Dacia perfectly matched the requirements of such land. Apollo is the great god of the Dacians purifications, meditating caves where priests Geto-Dacians, posts abstinentele and conferred full vegetarianism as such. It is very important to maintain the gate key to these dimensions, heavenly realms, to all peoples (Tibet for example) are obtained as a reward from spiritual practices.

Some historians say that Hyperborea geographical representation as the North Pole, but it is very clear that mythical Hyperborea, spiritual means "Polus Geticus" Hyperborea as the spiritual pole superimposed a physical realm and the geographic pole. Apollo is probably Celtic or is Asian, according to Eliade (Patara, Didim, clearly) but it is clear that the Hyperborean initiation, initiation is a spiritual rebirth, ritual. It is known that Apollo's offerings Hiperboreni data were wrapped in straw, wheat, or women of Thrace and Pannonia refrain from rituals without wheat straw (see Getica Vasile Parvan)

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