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Dacia Hyperborean

Dacian Spirituality

Kazarov said: "There is another parallel to belief in immortality better than faith in the Getae Hyperboreans. Hyperboreans this happy family living a spiritual life, somewhere beyond the mountains are literally right souls of the dead. Schroder proved that faith Thracian origin in Hyperboreans is ... likeness of Hyperboreans and 'Getae who go to Zamolxis' conspicuous'.

Such two-dimensional realms meet all peoples. Passing the "beyond" is after long spiritual practice, in certain circumstances, and some chanting astral magic, and describe Hyperboreans (Abaris, Pitagoras, Orpheus, Dionysus, Zamolxis, Apollo, etc.). And that after Eliade were eminently ecstatic shamans performing travel entering trances or practicing ritual transfiguration. Hyperboreans were very pious monks which is reminiscent of the Dacians. "Bachilide III.58" says, "to reward their piety, Apollo has moved on and along the Croesus his daughters Hyperboreans country."


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