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Dream science


Dream and spiritual evolution

As Mircea Eliade says, we all carry in us the nostalgia of paradise lost and aspire unconsciously or not, to perfect and beatific state from which we descended. We are all basically good and evil, angels and demons and to reach a compromise to harmony, balance the two symbols must be balanced, to move beyond them. Even if we are unconscious, we tend to follow the slow evolution of their own spiritual course, a path of individuation process, a path sprinkled with fantasy, adventures, activities, maps, symbols that make up that world very real collective unconscious. All actions that we face in the physical world have their own script and directed the inner universe of our unconscious. It is clear that we manifest on the outside depending on internal parameters, fit the scale of our spiritual evolution. Archetypal background of the collective unconscious is vast and contains symbols that are found in all religions with the same meaning (eg: white dove, Grail, fire, figs, garden paradise, angels, light, stars, Eagle, lamb, dragon, clouds , sky, stairs, cross).

To all the zodiac and the interpretation of peoples stavechi, numerology, etc.. followed the same principles although apparently referring to the same interpretation is not crossed. For example, Chinese astrology, Babylonian, Jewish, Indian, Egyptian, etc.. were based on interpretations of the same stars although there is apparently no connection between the science of these peoples.
his atheist religious unmask hidden side of just denying God. This denial insistence show fear, atheist wanting to stifle his own religious side, fight with it. If the dark side did not exist, atheist would simply remain indifferent.
The structure of human perception is such that the more attention and capacity is limited awareness, the greater is the probability of inaccuracy and error in perception, hence appearing many of our actions and appropriate self-destructive. Understanding unseen truths, require a much higher energy than our daily perception. One of the aims of the worthy efforts of dreamer is conscious awareness of continuity and entanglement of the daily life of the dream. That is, achieving integrity perception. As symptoms authenticity dreams more clearly defined and better contoured can only talk after realizing the transition from ordinary dreams which have no value at this conscious dreams, the being becomes truly conscious of itself. This can be done relatively easily, by fixing attention on dreams indeed contain a certain spiritual power. Spiritual evolution is anticipated Stage dreams with natural disasters, nuclear explosion, war, dreams about the end of the world or, using the terminology of an American psychiatrist, researcher dreams of this kind, they are "nuclear dreams." They suggest that personality is the human being on the verge of profound changes in his life, on the verge of transforming the interior of interior psychological war, even equated with a new renaissance. If favorable processes unfolding inside after a certain period, being completely transformed, practically renascând evolved with a new internal order. Even the habits, behavior most intimate ways.
The way of seeing things must be much broader and more lenient. The have a more open, with both our psychophysical limitations tend to disappear. A moralist, does nothing to suppress. He will seek to replace myth with a scholarly explanation. For a psychologist, ondinele, sirens are a product of moral weakness. Indeed we can not exclude this statement, except it does not exhaust the whole truth, because such creatures have inhabited the landscape of human nature when nascent consciousness was dependent on the nature, the spirits of the forest, field and water, occurred long before the moral consciousness. These creatures were feared being surrounded by a supernatural aura. Morality itself, appeared in major religions precepts, but that what it has become today. Today it restricts the spirit, human and served as imposing limits and a lot of automatisms, reflexes and prejudices, so that our real personality and replacing the mask imposed by society and the originality and found a few. In ancient times, poets were those who attained mystical ecstasy or penetrate deep into the essence of things or feelings, experimentându them also. Today it is enough to just be original. Moral great religions but was not a moral, but only ways to reach the state of purity, of perfection that you get rid of vices or negative qualities, evil, such as "Thou shalt not kill", "Thou shalt not steal," " Do not commit adultery ", etc.. Instead moral today and you get loads required to behave in the strangest ways you depart from your real personality.
why dreams can help you as you know in your own reality. Perhaps you have not actually ever stolen, but if you steal your dream, you have it in the subconscious. Somewhere there, a thief waiting to surface. There must intervene. Or maybe you did not fight in your life, but in your dreams you fight with your boss, friends or family. This shows that violence exists in you although you do not occur at the surface and it only there can a say, because it is repressed.
The word "suppress" we can replace it with "hide" and is subject to fears, a fear that I commit something illegal, I commit a crime. Therefore you must acknowledge our impulses and our behavior so we can make sublimând, turning and refulând not, but it must be "known fault", to be honest with us. Dreams warn us and help us just in accordance with the spirit with our spiritual evolution, universal laws, divine. Never a dream will not prevent us on a good action, but the contrary. Or, we will not have nightmares dreaming to help someone, but a feeling of accomplishment, we are pleased with ourselves. Dream tells us where we are, showing us that we are gear and tell us what to do as always to take up to perfection, as in a dream can be contacted wise angelic beings clothed in white with white hair blonde to warn us, to guide us or we initiate. They are white masters. We must also not confined to issues of interpretation of dreams as manifestations of some hidden subconscious problems, tackling them in a reductionist manner, or believe, as do some schools postfreudiene that dream only if the subconscious is affected, do not ignore the reality of dreams as a magical journey of the human spirit into other worlds or dimensions mysterious parallel and unconscious influence or voluntarily by the dreamy reality. Often a purely materialistic interpretation favorable an interest may also mean a spiritual fall. True performers can act, especially and also integrate both sides of dream interpretation: material and spiritual, though people are interested in particular property or personal interests, purely materialistic. For example, in an example of symbolic interpretations of dreams containing various reasons, derived from Egyptian rituals and mythology integrated universal "if the individual dreams with a mouth full of earth, is a good sign: it means eating property of its citizens" . Although materialistic interpretation is favored, however abundance shows a mouth full of greed land from property, serving instinctual senses, "earth" - attachment to the physical plane, which is being fed..

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