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Dream science


Dream of mind

All Eastern spiritual practices say that the world in which we live is an illusion. Even Christianity says: "All the world is meaningless. A dessert of deser-canker-Christmas" - Ecclesiastes. Jesus says the truth, the reality is somewhere far above, something much deeper is the father. World as something superficial, external, we do not leave us facing ourselves.
Nietzsche says somewhere that man can not bear the truth. He needs dreams, illusions needs to exist. The human mind needs it. Without them it can not be conceived. Scientists say that man can live without sleep, but can not live without dream. Recent say that sleep is not necessary and that man needs to sleep only to dream. If someone is sleeping and not allowed to dream, he would wake up tired in the morning like not sleeping at all. During sleep there are certain periods - periods of deep sleep and dream sleep. There is a rhythm, sequence, cycle.

At first you cufunzi in a deep sleep 40-45 minutes, then start dreaming stage of sleep, dreamless sleep again after that dreams occur again. It should be borne in mind that everything works in terms of structure cyclic our affective-cognitive psychomental. Spiritual evolution also takes place cyclically. If a person is disturbed during deep sleep without dreams, he wakes up in the morning as normal as usual. But if the while dreaming, the dream is disturbed in the morning feeling very tired and exhausted. When one sleeps, if dreaming, his eyes moving constantly. Researchers call it REM (rapid eye mouvement). It's as if the subject would see something with eyes closed. When asleep, his eyes remain still. Many researchers have shown, therefore, that the human mind feeds on dreams. The dream is a necessity, but is entirely an illusion. Therefore oriental practices but also the Christian hesychasm for example, watch, vow of silence, etc., tend to focus their attention inward, not to seek outside world created in dreams but in reality looking at their internal states, being self-conscious and actions taken and hidden their reason. This mechanism not only works but also on the night. Keep thinking sometimes worn by dreaming, sometimes not. Both day and night, the mind oscillates between dream and nevisare, and this is an internal rhythm. Not once you could see people so involved in society in their own conversations with worries or problems identified others who have become of them, overwhelmed by the states created their own worlds, they forged their own universes. This is why people understand one phenomenon that is so different look with their own eyes the world, worries, desires, their dreams. A detached witness who can watch this show will realize that everything about living in a dream, and it is the world.
All major religions preach renunciation, because it disappears with outside concerns. Away worries and pain disappears. There was no objective to capture you and you really feel when you're free, as for you living there at any moment, there and then. If you live that really means that all your being turned, and if there is anything that you "touch" something, might as dreams go away. They say those who have reached spiritual perfection, that they do not have dreams, they perceive the world moment by moment exactly as in reality, no marks, no good or bad, beyond the attributes of a gifted new are actually barriers. For example: a Brotac can be seen as good or bad, ugly or beautiful, attractive or repulsive, glass, cute, etc., but in reality one is simply a Brotac Brotac. Brotac is disgusting to say that this grade that we give our subconscious affects, we believe it's already disgusting and then he can not become different for us and every time we hear the word Brotac we say: the nasties! Well, this is key to forming dream symbolism, but be careful, it is the dream that comes from the subconscious and not from the real source of the dream that is collective unconscious, an issue which will be opened in the following chapters. Brotac the dream image will produce this sensation. People tend to believe what I hear from others, or through newspapers, books or television, and it Impress subconscious. Gets what they truly believe. Thus the wise say to pay attention to absolutely everything happening around you without something to control you. Instead, you have one that controls. Then your subconscious will not be affected. Your dreams reflect what you truly believe. Religions say "do not believe in anything but God, and you'll be happy." Psychologists have argued that people who look at things in a detached and acting are much more lucid in key moments, showing more cold blood, while the deep inplicati, all affected by their actions, may lead a business, be it meet a woman, are less likely to keep things in check. Dream and dream during the night tend to think the dream is pure reality. Senses tell us the dream, I see eyes, ears can hear, taste and feel. Because of this we fall prey to the illusion that the dream is real.
Once Zuang - Zu, a great Zen master, sleeping under a tree. Disciple wanted to ask him something, to wake up. Then Zuang - Zu started screaming at him
Zuang-Zu - "You bastard, why did you wake up right now dreaming that I was king in a palace and was surrounded only by young and beautiful girls."
disciple - "But master, trying to reassure followers, was only a dream. "
Zuang-Zu - "Yes, but I then knew it. For me the dream was more real than the living now. Can you understand that?"

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