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Dream science


Dream telepathy

"Thought is a gigantic sphere of energy and every thought given resonates throughout the universe" Swami Sivananda wrote in his book "The Power of thought."
The power of our thought of sitting in our ability to focus. Ullman, a distinguished researcher who has studied the relationship between dream and telepathy, said the nature of the dream of combining the high activation state and dissociative and just this combination is that, empirically, can facilitate the transfer telepathically. Then in collaboration with Krippner published a series of experimental data, which come to support the existence of transfer "extrasensory" of information the subject is asleep. This information, according to authoritative accounts, subject appears in dreams and corresponds to a still image that was in the hands of a "transmitter" or agent concerning the subject being in total isolation from it or even far away from it .
Krippler then demonstrated, experimentally, the stimuli "target" are more effective on the emotional experience than the material telepathically neemotional dream.

Emotions are those stimuli that can easily reach the subconscious. Everything you perceive as defined by emotions. A color creates a certain emotion, action or do is to make sure those emotions that we confirm the existence certainty. Example, go on the trip because we feel a certain emotion, go out with someone of the opposite sex because we feel a certain emotion. Therefore emotionally telepathic transfer is most effective and easily perceived. When I was a kid I really like to live in the country my grandparents. It happened a long time to go up to see my parents. In late morning while still asleep, I suddenly sat up looking phone that is fixed on the bed. I was sure my mother will call me immediately. Everything ran very fast, was not even aware that I woke up. All I knew was my mother, that I missed and I had not seen for a month, I will call right in that moment. In the next second it happened. I was sleep, I quickly perceived that frequent my mother probably thought it emits a very intense emotional background.
Thus, as I said and Krippner, telepathic information most powerful and easy to perceive or to be issued are emotional. Even you feel when someone loves you or hates you, not by behavior, but simply feel. In the dream the cerebral hemispheres are more "relaxed", so extended. It receives finer vibrations as they are more relaxed just because their energy, their work is not focused only in one point, action. Martial arts key to feel and anticipate your opponent was to relax inside. Most cases of telepathy in the dream happens to couples in love or people which have a deep connection, just thought that telepathy consists intensity emitted. And people who love each other, for example, think of the power at each other. Dream telepathically connect with thinking and feelings of people and even distant groups.
It happened once that a friend of mine I said it would come to visit the capital, but said he did not know exactly when it reaches that was not decided exactly what train to take. I was convinced it would come just two days, but during that night I dreamed one time that he enters the door, take off and climb stairs to get to my room. To open the door before I woke up and expect it to appear. So it happened, had at 3 am.
cerebreale waves accompanying sleep theta and delta rhythms correspond telepathically. In terms of physiological sleep presents an inhibition in the cerebral cortex. Expansion areas are subject to these rhythms. In the delta, ordinary consciousness can not be related to consciousness.

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