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Dream science

Dreams interpretation - look in the dictionary


Dream Interpretation

The dream is something intimate, personal, one side to be known and deciphered ourselves. The theme of dreams reflect elements of representations of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, emotional and reflection carried out in the near or distant periods of our business. It is understood that dreams it easier to reflect personality, diversity of activity of every dreamer, providing them a wide variety of interpretations. From this point of view, dreams can also occur during conscious delusions and hallucinations that can lead to misinterpretation, because they have a personal dimension that exceeds reality cosmic meaning that the time dimension archaic, until today was notified and performed The common understanding surpassing initiated. Scientific interpretation of dreams has reached a certain threshold knowledge, this is but towards the brain and particularly about the physiology of sleep.

Insufficient knowledge that can not respond to an insignificant extent than feelings of "dimensions" that man manifests deep over the existence of more or less aware of them. Prepsihanaliza Oniromantia is actually a more complex and touching parts of being abysmal, far beyond the ordinary conscious mind.
Dr. Green said that, in fact, Freud's discovery consists not in the same dream of being given a meaning, whereas the people that have done since ancient times. In ages past, the dream was invested with particular powers, but what is important to note is that given the significance of dreams has varied greatly depending on historical era and social and cultural contexts, linking their consciousness. Therefore, interpretation of dreams was and will always be an open field of discussion. Interpretations of a few hundred years ago, no longer fully correspond to the symbols of today, but satisfy the so-called archetypal symbols (the archetype of old, the mother church, the father of the mountain of God, the Witch, the Cat black, the wolf, the good fairy and also hundreds of archetypes). Interpretations may also differ from topic to topic even according to age. If a small child to slip into a dream can mean anxiety graopa an illness, depression (dream details matter), loss of energy. In an adult the same dream can mean sexual desire, instinctual, uncontrollable, a decrease of control in this sense being possessed by instinctual desires. Scientists have noted that the dream is not a continuous phenomenon, but a recurring event that occurs during sleep. Recent research has shown that images of the dream, we perceive fragmented, as some blocks, dream nederulându continuously but very fine fractions but is perceived by the mind as continuous. This occurs mainly because the perception of time in sleep state is different. The dream time is more condensed, so everything is unfolding much faster.


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