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Dream science


Prophetic dream

These types of dreams are more of a commu-nication from supramentalului, collective unconscious. The contact we can recognize this collective unconscious fusion ball manifested by revelation or inspiration states. In esotericism, spiritual traditions, the term collective unconscious is called "Akasa". That realm is reached only through a state of superconscious. This contains the past, present and future. Perhaps you wonder how can this be? It is difficult for ordinary minds to understand their unusual nature. Each particle that makes up this universe is in constant motion. Energy from or how they determine its action. So it is relatively easy to find the terminus of a principle (to put it more generally). After power available and according to his direction, infinite particles and definitions that make up the universe are recorded and compressed in that database that Orientals call 'Akasa' or creative ether.

All the data recorded and that creates what has been done and will ever, a and w are then converted into symbols (in this lies their compression) of infinite size and complexity. Here in the Akasa, know each effect, including the end, after his own cause. Hence the Sages concluded destiny, karma and fate. Every effect is generated by a cause. Based on this principle throughout the event. The entering into that sphere, reference to a certain state has access to that kind of information that has been reported. On this principle the radio works. I relate to an issue of ether, a certain frequency where waves are your inner state.
prophetic dream or telepathic dream, dream dream premonition or visionary dreams that inspire so. originate in the sphere of the collective unconscious mind. Can be a prophetic warning dream more or less disguised on a critical event in the past, present or future. Such dreams are mentioned in ancient world history so far. Each of us has lived this reality at least once. The ancient city leaders went to sleep in the temple to learn the will of the gods before the decisions I had to take. Maya, Buddha's mother, before he was born, dreamed of a white elephant and knew who would be her son. Or, Calpurnia, Caesar's wife, sees her husband killed for wearing it in his arms then, shortly to be murdered like this in reality. Somewhere, was scheduled long ago as two lovers meet at the same time and same place as they repeatedly have dreamed at all long ago.
Big Bang occurred, the day of Brahma or Laya now, as called in Sanskrit, their path now runs events are already being printed in the information that they have been endowed at the time freeing them (the example is very trivial compared to the complexity and scale of universal phenomenon).
a very dreams often receptive to many days before a trip you have to do or dialogue that would maintain it with someone.
Modern psychology explains this type of forecast as a result of extrasensory gifts, exceptional namely "a unusual private development of nerve extraordinary performance, which in animals has emerged as the sixth sense "(L. Popoviciu, V. Foisoreanu).
For example, a girl named Andiana was born with a knob as a bulge in the left forehead. Her parents wanted to operate to surgically remove that knob. Her grandmother was seeing just a dream the night before surgery who made ??Andianei parents to change their minds. Grandmother dreamed a person dressed completely in white and surrounded by a bright halo that came to her and said, "Why do you want to operate the child. He is perfectly healthy and that it was born, is not accidental. Look! - said light being, and showed him a room where two children were wrapped in swaddling clothes next to each other. This is Andiana, and this is a sick child. " Foreign child was indeed weak, exudes a sadness and his color was faded, while Andiana was full of energy and happiness. Surgery at that age could have his existing mark. It is very important that a child feels at an early age. Grandmother, surprised by this unexpected meeting of the dream was still presence of mind to ask: "But who are you to show me this?" And the entity said, "I'm her guardian angel," then disappeared.
Such dreams are very intense. They can not be easily forgotten and marks being. Andiana not been operated, but definitely the angel wanted to show by example a sick child like look Andiana after surgery. In reality the two children were one and the same.
A friend, George, runs a small business, his wife Adina, dreamed one night that he will have a financial control; it, as have a lot of problems, papers and documents and keep them in complete disarray. Wife told her dream, telling him to arrange the necessary evidence of his small business. This of course did not take it into account and two days later found itself in control of the door. Since then, I take seriously all dreams. This type of dreams leaves deep sense of reality and a profound impact on the spirit, they can not so easily confused with common dream images. Are very clear, clear and as I said, leave a deep sense that it will.

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