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Dream science



A first phase where it increases ur being consciously and freely images of a dream that can occur during re-usoa atipirii is what is called the psi-hologie hypnagogic reverie and is illustrated as a kind of "thinking" that is no longer guided by attention, but is subject to subjective and emotional factors. This thought, describe pshiologii, emerges gradually from reality and embrace a fascinating character dizziness during a progressive consciousness that becomes trapped. Hypnagogic reveries were considered as visions of sleep, reverie was considered as a copy of inner reality. Dreaming is a time in another time and another space in which consciousness remains awake charged and spirit roaming the lands of our own inner world. In the state of reverie, time succeeding after other parameters, it usually is dilatându. After such a state of reverie spent in a certain time, our feeling concerning this interval will be different, we have the impression that they actually take a few minutes when one hour has elapsed.

Between dream and reverie, there is a close connection, but unlike the dream, the dream scour spirit, jumps from one image to another, from one kind of phenomena and objects to others without a relative continuity own dream classic not find references to the events of that day, which shows that reverie is not part of the current activity of the mind is not a record and selects it, but rather is an escape, a cease-flow motor, a small break, a fall beyond the dreams in images and feelings of being inadequate.
In moments of reverie, are most often clairaudience (clairvoyance, telepathy or pre-view). Also in reverie at issue is not involved in this, but assist with the state detached witness. There is the dream that one who sleeps is involved, is now himself in the events. Hipnologi Some, like Oswald, denotes these images microvisuri. The graphs show a state of reverie that examined individual goes through moments of light sleep. Jean Paul Sartre said that these images are really dreaming fascinating phenomena of consciousness, conscience that conscience is captive captivated by itself or leave the field fascinated phosphenes. "The bright points are stars, the stars line shapes are lines, then suddenly the image appears hypnagogic". Reverie correspond to vibration theta brainwaves type prevailing during sleep with dreams and the moments of reverie which accompany this type of meditation that are also profrunde own. Although some researchers say the origiea phosphenes and hypnagogic images is remember this theory is absurd because it was found that patients touched the optic tract lesions can to conserve hypnagogic images. In esoteric tradition phosphenes palnuri certain astral doors open. Deja-vu is also in close relationship with reverie. We must particularly interested in these reveries as they may contain what mystics call vision.
Amero-Indians went on pilgrimage to Grand Lake waiting for days, sometimes even years, a vision of great spirit and that the priest or a magician perform saying it is his mission in this world or other mythical and spiritual realities. That surely answer vizune may also contain the unrest, profound metaphysical questions with which the person concerned faces.
Initiates or yogis during meditation are filled with such a state of reverie in which the vision that his master called him (though This is at a distance of tens of kilometers), death of close vision or other vision, but they are hundreds of examples in the literature.

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