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Dream science



The famous author of the Sanskrit text - Yoga Sutras - Patanjali wrote the same text: "Change the mind-tion which is based on ab-Senta any mental activity is the deep sleep." This excellent definition of deep sleep, has the fourth amendment of the brain waves of the mind because the mind is constantly full, but less in a state of deep sleep. The mind is always preoccupied with something, a thought a wish a memory, anything. During deep sleep this concern disappears. Then you can reveal its own being, its own self. If a person is conscious in deep sleep, that if he can keep awake consciousness means that really knows who he is, he reached into the depths of his being. That person is fully aware of everything that happens in the universe. In Sanskrit, this state is called samadhi. If we become aware during deep sleep, we live full spiritual enlightenment.

Sleep is the last test to know you. Even in the Bible we find an example, when Jesus was tried on Mount Ghetsimanii and asked Peter and the two sons of Zebedee along with him to watch an hour long "Watch and pray lest you enter into temptation "..." returned again to the disciples found them sleeping (second time) because their eyes were heavy sleep "Matthew 26:43. After Mircea Eliade here it is initiating sleep.
spring from the mind thoughts, images dirty or clean, the fund supported by the mind's imagination. Therefore, when it disappears, it becomes pure consciousness. Consciousness no longer reflects any reflection of the mind. Consciousness becomes pure. If we are aware of this state are free from all chains of this world. The state of samadhi is the highest Eastern state of happiness, freedom and bliss. This is the fourth state of mind, the fourth type of frequency of brain waves, theta, is the slow waves. Only death is "deep". Therefore, this fourth state of whole body and still achieve the complete and comprehensive physical regeneration and restoration of health. Often we hear the phrase "After a good sleep, you like again."

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