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Dream science


The origin of dreams

Dreams that are rooted in mental fluctuations, pulse or substrate personal unconscious where they made ??mental phenomena that were once in the field of consciousness, dreams are not real. Are only forms of communication signals or layers of our psychomental, accompanied and explained by a code image. But dreams come true elsewhere, a source of everything that made ??the universe from creation until its dissolution. Wine of Akasa, ether or vacuum created. They come from a common fund and archetypal collective accessible to all (even animals - Pavlov). What is an archetype? - Is a concept that designates the primary image or real, as the start for a further description. It makes dream.
straoriginalitate dream involves fundamental idea of a given pattern. This understanding has been enshrined in the "fundamental psychology" of CG Jung. Understanding is actually a collective ownership of a set of facts, an attribute that is based on the existence of a collective unconscious. This collective unconscious is constituted by incorporating numerous internal and external experiences of humanity in the historical world deployments.

Lights fantastic, mythical realms are elsewhere than in our inner universe. We are the gateway to other dimensions or parallel planes and up to us as far as which of them we synchronized. Individual unconscious is linked to the collective and can retrieve any information from there using symbols or archetypes common to all. Decorporalizarea or astral travel is a practice that abound in ancient ancient texts. Pythagoras, Aristeas, Abaris, Empedocles, etc., were few of the masters of this practice in astral travel and Roman writer Dio Cassius also recorded numerous cases in history. Practice supposed separation of body and spirit of its migration into other worlds or even past or future physical plane. So those are isolated in a cave not to be bothered whether they prepare a hallucinogenic potion (like shamans) at will, in the transcendental ecstatic trance exploring unknown realms of collective unconscious, where stientului then returned to special information or prophets. So Pythagoras saw the solar system, planetary and even galactic, so he could hear music of the spheres and more of his rich bibliography. Abaris and Aristeas saw events occurring simultaneously in other parts of the country or world with witnesses later reported. Shamans longer intensive care such practices even more "orthodox", for example, the practice of going to hell. But these practices are well controlled. Thus, people who have experienced clinical death can tell something about the fascinating world beyond. Pawnee Indians of North America said that sleep is Navojoa an initiation, a death, a gateway to another world by spending more time eg a lake, waiting for a vision. Yoga texts give an excellent and extensive description of techniques including the dream phenomenon out in the astral dreaming dream consciousness and even changes at will.

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