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Dream science


How can we influence dreams?

Selor content you may be closely related to the disposal before falling asleep, causing the content to your betting a pleasant or unpleasant the dream. But dreams can be stimulated, releasing atmosphere with different perfumes, oils, by ingestion of plants, some soothing sounds, songs, even classical music. A certain scent can generate a certain kind of dreams due to the principle of resonance that has been mentioned above.
Examples of musk fragrance, essential oil of rose, wild flowers, incense released into the atmosphere with an aromatherapy lamp.
In case of insomnia can consume an extract of St. John's Wort combined with steep three tablespoons of lavender tincture, three spoons and three tablespoons tincture tincture melilot the sole gang.
If nightmares can eat a teaspoon of powdered rattle race ("grass fears" - just that has the ability to ward off "fears"). The plant is kept under the tongue 10 minutes, then swallow with water and 30 min. not eaten.

The airy room with fresh linens, fragrances of lavender, jasmine, lemon, basil, etc.. accompanied by a candle (aprisa a special support to eliminate any hazards) draw resonance with the astral world, especially if the room and sounds that excite archetypal images, such as a CD of nature sounds, rain sounds, a nice classical music that induce a state of innocence, we can translate sounds into the distant past of childhood, of past lives or present in a heavenly spirit wandering the open.
It is important for you to recommend music or flavorings as you feel suits or by certain states.
Colors also affect the condition of those in contact with them. They are similar in their aura, especially during relaxation thus influencing mood. You can use colored lights to illuminate the room discreetly. You can use all the colors of the rainbow, but they are as smooth, clear, vivid, even purple (neon color effects). They should not be removed, pale or dirty. In this direction, a guide is recommended for chromo might be some disease that is not compatible with the color red for example. These colors harmonious entail harmonious energies. Acaparând the aura of these energies, breathing natural floral perfumes also ward off evil energies, entered a dimension of dreams and energies that match those colors. To know the color, aroma, music, are certain types of energy, vibration, resonance. They tend to relax, calm being, attracting beneficial revitalizing energy. Nightmares and bad dreams come from hell's own consciousness, gross energy generated.
Also important are the positions where we sleep. Ancient traditions say that it is best to sleep with head towards north or east.
For physical and mental regeneration:
- you should sleep with head facing south or southeast, lying on the right and then on the left will Yin type active energy on a monthly background colors yellow, orange or blue.
For depth of dreams:
- you should sleep with head facing north north-east on the left side of the body. This will enable solar energy control. It is better to use green, blue indigo even.
for control of dreams:
- it is better to sleep on your back with head facing east using a background color indigo or violet or bright white.
For a spiritual transformation, changes, interior :
- it is best to sleep with his head toward the west (west geographically), which is the direction in which ancient people burying their dead, following the sun the other world. It's best to sleep on your back, the right colors are pure white. Sleep on your back causes a balancing of energies.

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