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Dream psychology



Brain waves are cerespun-sponding to these statri brain. They are called beta, alpha, theta and delta. They describe exactly FERC-VENT cerebreala activity that vibrates at certain times.
beta waves correspond to the usual waking state, where our focus is predominantly oriented outdoor activities. Beta waves arise during the predominant orientation of the human mind by meeting the needs of subzisteta, calculating, organizing, arranging conferând meaning outside our universe. Frequency beta waves is much enhanced under conditions of stress or anxiety. Wave frequencies are between 13-30Hz.
Alpha waves indicate a state of mind associated dynamic yet tranquil and where attention can be focused successfully on the outside part in resolving situations of all kinds, and inside a state allowing deeper dynamic meditation. They are also prevalent in a state of concentration or focus on building a center inside. They increase in people who practice various forms of meditation techniques, Tai-chi postural or processes, or Raiki etc. .. Alpha brain waves frequently reach between 7-13Hz.
theta presents frequencies are between 3-7Hz. They reflect a specific state of mind that allows viewing beneficial, constructive dynamic creative imagination and inspiration. They mostly occur during paradoxical sleep (REM) in which most dreams occur. We can still be aware of this state of calm and harmony, as theta waves type occurs especially during deep meditation and daily reverie. When they appear in the waking state are responsible for knowing the intuitive and imaginative exploration of the mysterious depths of the unconscious. Theta waves are often associated with artistic activities conducted in an atmosphere of harmony and bliss, for newer art forms sometimes take dezarmonioase, disgusting, leading to stress. Genius and people happy, peaceful artistic or creative interests, often living on the frequency of theta waves.
delta waves define the deepest levels of psychosomatic relaxation that a human being can achieve between 0.1 and 3 Hz. Thus the slower brain waves they characterize deep sleep without dreams, states "strong" of ecstasy or mystic ecstasy, samadhi, Satory, etc. Turia. Saints especially those living deep brain wave states consciously. Sometimes the visions of the Virgin Mary, Jesus or other saints, not necessarily Christian, these frequent waves produce visionary, vision is accompanied by a profound state of ecstasy. Also, high states of orgasm are accompanied by such waves. Crisna Rama, the great Hindu yogi, remains covered days in such states, even his heart ceased beating. Saint Francis of Asis, Anthony of Padua, the Avilona Teresa, Buddha and many other saints, came to his permanent kind of feelings. This delta waves associated with complete and comprehensive process of natural regeneration and restoration or maintenance of health and hence our mental fluctuations cause mood in which we live.

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