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Dream psychology

Dreams and constitutional type


Type of dreams is largely influenced by the constitutional structure of the individual. Thus, per-ments weaker, either diet or do not, so a lower vital contribution that frail, with a soft voice, with a reduced appetite will have dreams that will dominate the movement, flying, sky trees, mountains and a great role in incons-dreams, something you air dry. Their sleep is also easy with a tendency to insomnia, superficial and therefore they can wake up many times neînpliniti in terms of sleep. They dream more dreams during sleep just because of extending their area, maintaining most of the night to sleep slowly, yet rarely reach a deep dream, deep sleep not being able to stabilize because of "inconsistencies" and mobility mind.
Another category are those who suggest an athletic, energetic, intelligent, Dominica, with a harmonious appearance, gifted and not devitalized how to wear thin now. They tend to dream of passionate encounters or conflicts. Can often dreamed that he beat out victorious from any confrontation and even with different monsters or creature of dreams. Wars can dream. Colors that can appear in dreams are intense. Also being more passionate structure they can dream of gold (as discovered gold or gate), sun, fire (fire episodes that occur either in good or ill). Sleep the second category of people is usually an average duration. For these actions is more important than inaction.
The third type is big, full, light, peaceful. Physique or looks loaded but dormant much energy that could be used. They are stable in relations or friends, their dreams are generally few, and the nights are dominated by deep sleep, relaxing, no dreams. When they occur, are mostly sentimental dreams about relationships, marriage, dreaming people that they are related, romantic dreams, dreams that dominated water (sea, rain, swimming, diving, crystal clear water or dirty)

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