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Dream psychology

"At dawn Fri prophecies deities"


A beautiful, simple and concrete presentation also dream during a night, did a great Marpa Translate wise tibe-tan-indicators, the often-criind what he himself experienced in the mind:
"Dreams are seen as illusion.
At the beginning of the night arise from common forms
And not have to pay attention.
At midnight Mara's scams appear
they do not trust
the prophecies Fri dawn gods ... "
So it happened. In a first phase of relaxation when you transition from wakefulness to sleep slowly, superficial physical structure is "unwinds" and carries with it the mind that images recorded during the day or week (depending on load these images), but without a certain order or connotation. It is something purely mechanical. The mind relaxes both. These are "normal forms" which should not give them attention.
Because cycles: SLI, SL II, SL III, SLP (slow deep sleep), REM resumed over a night, dreaming, deep sleep, dream again, again with varying degrees of deep sleep, dreaming again, etc.., so go through 4-6 cycles per night, the first cycle lasting about 120 minutes, and the next from 90 minutes down. In the second sleep cycle is fairly complete relaxation, the mind no longer hold the stretch any image. Here images of the unconscious begin to appear in person. Inner states that we face, we deny our problems on, surfacing at night, attachments, we face situations just because they want or let us hit them. So we fall into the trap of Mara or Maya - the illusion of cosmic game of this world that just to play it, and let us not affected. Thus Marpa says "do not trust them." Here, in this period appear in the dreams that our repressed desires give way showing their "who we are." Mystics, initiates or holy man and know that all manifestation is really bliss, pure essence of God and cosmic consciousness. Therefore, they are right in saying that we are not our problems, we are not anger or fear or anxiety, or sadness, etc.. Then we let enslaved by them? These dreams show our subconscious issues, that awareness of unconscious contents. Though in waking people behave like integrity, under the guise they wear in society, can hide a womanizer, a brawler or hot etc.. Although it appears as such in dreams, in reality we are neither violent nor effeminate, nor thieves, but let us possess these instincts. Realising them, wondering "am I this?" We can make it disappear. Resonators being shut these vibrations transfigurând, understanding, loving and forgiving. Therefore, Marpa says "... do not trust them." After this phase, there is again a deep dreamless sleep, the man restores physical energy, mental, therefore, tends to recover as close to the stage completely. After another 1-3 sleep cycles also the deep sleep stages refresh being and sleep with his dreams of ever closer draw information segments of the subconscious and the unconscious is at the third stage of dreams, of the daytime. Similar daytime dreams are wrought with great importance as in this case they are followed by deep sleep state, but the waking of a new beginning a new cycle, a new renaissance. The age at which daytime dreams are favorable appearance is adolescence. This form wildest dreams, dreams that will make the whole person development. There are those dreams that will propel personality beyond reality.
These dreams are loaded with freshness and purity of other worlds. They come from repeated cycles of deep sleep as being to refresh, restore, due to sleep with dreams after graduation relaxation "turned" somewhat repressed desires of feelings and sensations waking developând film recorded in the subconscious lifelong past and present. Thus, these dreams daytime, there are announcing a new beginning accompanied by prophets or spiritual beings Astra special meetings as Marpa said "dawn Fri prophecies of the gods." They come from a background of what is called unconscious archaic contemporary psychology (after a scheme developed by Wilber) and is defined as: simple structure, primitive, early that are not from personal experience, but are common phylogenetic heritage. So, there are common elements related to a dream shared cultural heritage of all humanity, the common cultural heritage (collective unconscious) detach us all.
this huge background images we receive we can truly call dreams.
"... The dawn Fri prophecy gods. "

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