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Ego or false personality

Being relaxed


Great issue of people who consult a psychiatrist comes from "stress." Whether it arises from frustration, stress, etc. tense relationship always means a contraction. English word stress, and this means: tight, contracted cornered. The opposite of stress so comes from relaxation, relaxation, harmony. They produce dilatatare so opposite contraction. At a higher level than being does not want to leave the things of which depends not let her be free, because it shows you just attachments to the things that should escape, suffering may come to them from that attention and energy are prisoners it is related things. Basically there are two types of beings: contracted and dilated. The first type are caught in their own problems, delusions, haluinatii, from stress to varying degrees of insanity. The second man is free who is not unconditional, accepting it and satisfied with what he has.

Relaxation is in fact the natural state of human beings. When you're not naturally can not be relaxed. There is an effort, the effort to get someone to be something. Being yourself does not involve any effort. When you are not naturally occurring forms of stress and happiness can not make room in their stressful environment and no being stressed can not be happy, just as happiness implies a state of expansion. Afii natural state of man is natural, not already be involved effort. There is ego. Those people quickly get tired, they forget to relax. When you are relaxed, often ego disappears when you are relaxed happiness can occur.

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