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Ego or false personality

Being simple


Today modern man has a very bad opinion about the word humility. In itself, humility is a state of liberty only to disappear effort seemed useless otherwise, create unreality. Being humble perceive reality in the most pure. In reality "to be simply" means "to be humble." Modern man with a burden of humiliation associated with shame. He does not understand the meaning correctly, unexpected reconciliation with self, contentment and understanding things in that state of humiliation which they emit. To be humble means to understand, to love, to give you to make sacrifices ... to be humble means to be great, to be rare and quality.

A creature who loves understand sacrificing comfort for the ... already forsaken light for the lost, stop for the weary. Being humble is so simple and it is direct knowledge, the mind does not play pranks. The great sages of the world were humble. They even preached simplicity and originality - Gandhi, Einstein, Tagore, Brancusi, Anthony of Padua, Ramakrishna etc.. In contrast with these, the great political, intellectual engage in wars, they create systems, companies, etc.. We speak of the great sages. They learn by example as a man to be free, be happy that it starts from within and flows outward, never vice versa.

Being easy means to enjoy existence at any moment to be free of ego. Ego is false personality. Where there is ego there is no mystery because the stupid pride tends to pull out quickly. An Indian proverb says: "The straw comes quickly to the surface while gems immediately let down."

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