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Using fasting

Using E for healing is known in ancient times and continued until the early nineteenth century when it was dominated by the materialistic school teacher pathological Wirchow and his followers weitere, Feurbach, etc. Buchner. who shattered any idea about healing after being totally against this kind of healing. Durian doctor forbade position not only in cases of fever, but even in rheumatism so that the end of the nineteenth-century treatments are completely banished from the healing arts jewels. By the early twentieth century but the doctor Temmer "rediscovered" as a method of healing position he was the first physician who dared himself subject to the 40 days of starvation under the supervision of several specialists devoid of danger for a long post . After he began to reappear in medicine and other pro voices such as Dr. Dewey of Mealvile, Pennsylvania, who treated a girl who suffered much from dyspepsia, and typhus, vomiting any food.

She was subjected to a post 35 days after the pulse and temperature had reverted to normal, healing the girl completely. Dr. Dewe treated then positions 3 to 5 weeks both acute and chronic diseases. Slowly and showed followers of fasting and renowned doctors from Russia, France, Germany etc.. Dr. Von Seeland like Dr. Adolf Meier and Muller Sigmund. Dr Guelpa in France was resounding success in the post treatment of diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, stomach disease, arthritis, etc.. And Dr. Just the Harz meant great results combining treatment of raw vegetarian fasting total. In the ancient religious and healing post were addressed in much the same way that medicine and any other form of cultural or spiritual ritual had a charge going hand in hand with faith considering that health depended on the mind body health. On this Plato in Charmides play a passage in which a young man if they were explaining why the most famous doctors and also stating that their god king Zalmoxis taught "... to give the body along with soul care if the whole is not cured can be healthy, "theory that rediscovers increasingly more today. Muslim pilgrims on their way to Mecca must fast three days and return seven. But above all, this post is seen as a way of cleansing the body and the soul, thereby reaching a state of inner peace. Vegetarian Essenes lived and accustomed stations nazareii severe forty days. From here you can reach some conclusions, namely that compliance is a win after periods of not only physical health but also for the moral. Some bodies tense and overburdened state being induced in the same nature so it is recommended to be removed from the diet difficult to digest foods or synthetic (unnatural) foods that require unnecessary physical body. Therefore fasting is recommended diseased organs, weak, inadequate or request that the chaotic tend by their nature as biological time to regenerate and paradoxical position to gain force even during a fasting longer to use but the liquid (water spring).
For example there are many cases of beings who post in the spiritual life in harmony so that reached to give complete nutrition in fasting continue living without health and vitality are compromised. For example Catholic mystics Emmerich Anna Kathrine (10 years without food), Anne Marie Fartner (11 years without food), Angela of Foligno (12 years without food), Domenica Lazar (14 years without food), rent Elizabeth (15 years without food), Teresa Neumann (40 years without food). The latter, in a conversation with Yogi Paramahamsa Yogananda confirmed his theory that the body is able to feed on particles photon of light energy or prana biotronii, as it is called. Teresa Neumann was known because of his stigmata, the 1922 has not put food in your mouth and since 1926 has not drunk any water. However Konnersreuth peasant in the field working every day to two hours a night sleeping at the time of his death until 1962. She was the subject of numerous medical tests. Among the cases that have enjoyed particular attention also remember and sister of Canadian Esperance Roian that in 1868, severely monitored for six weeks by two doctors and isolated in a room, although no body weight of food consumed increased from 51.2 kg to 56.2 kg. The human body is able to handle critical situations in the manifestations of energy still scientifically unknown. Swami Yogananda mentioned in his book "Autobiography of a Yogi," If Giri Bala saint who lived 50 years without food or liquid because of Kria techniques with breathing exercises and some yoga mantras that allow vital energy to transform into other forms needed energy. The examples could go on but these are only very special cases and with another kind of integration. Those reaching this level due to being religious purification, pioseniei and their faith, living under and close connection with their inner harmony and the universal cosmic.
but returned closer to our condition is even advisable to keep a black post at least once a week (preferably Friday) and according to our vital aspects to eat any fruit juice, vegetable or tea. Posts a day in weight not lose weight as you are tempted to believe but not fat. The 1 - 3 kg lost after a day (depending on the physical structure) are treated by the bodies the next day rested now and redistributed with greater efficiency. Pay attention though, realimentatia after a period of fasting begins with a really easy and as food. Bodies have a tendency to slower but no less effective so it is good to be overburdened with fried foods, meats or food impure from the first hours.

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