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What happens during fasting?

During fasting the body starts to feed the accumulated grease deposits or resources until then. Liver glycogen reserves and other nutrients in the blood are immediately used. The body is not fed, so it will feed himself so that he will carefully calculate the instinctual needs, using minimal resources to maximum effectiveness. He who fasts becomes more harmonious calculated more carefully, not wasted on useless things. So get an order inner resonance which manifested in increased foreign and even introspection. They can be seen even in the first 2-3 days of fasting. Before the body was fed according to the desires outside hypnosis (various commercials), preconceptions (invitations to meals), mental habits or attitudes dezechilibrându the hub. Now, during fasting the body tends to reorganize regenerating, feeding only reducing the maximum energy loss.

Therefore there are many cases when fasting, as mentioned above can cure diseases such as diabetes and even cancer and other serious diseases.
- rich scientific experiments show that body, now (the post) using tissues and substances that otherwise the cell is an agent of morbid hampered such as swelling pathological deposits of foreign substances, all that is rotten and weak. Toxic substances are widespread in the blood and eliminated through the liver, kidneys and digestive system. Therefore if they interrupt too early purifying station back in place.
- The morbid disappears and toxic substances as iodine, mercury, creosote feel on the tongue during Lent so precisely because they tend to come out. It is good that morning to clean up language and to drink plenty of pure water.
- purification phenomena are sometimes accompanied by unpleasant phenomena as dizziness, headache, feelings of exhaustion, heart beat, vomiting tendency. These phenomena disappear in time but as growth substances in the body alkaline. Drink mineral water containing alkaline.
- cells become smaller, body temperature drops from 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius. Metabolism decreases, thus reducing oxidation and aging, even appearing reverse phenomenon. Reduce and remove carbon dioxide.
- muscles have a low percentage of oxygen and phosphorus. But become richer in calcium. Lowers blood glucose.
- All exit doors are used in full body so that debris from the combustion of fats and carbohydrates and out through the lungs.
- Sweat discharged through the skin just spreading a bad smell due to the elimination of toxins from the body.
- Number heart rate drops from 80-50 beats per minute. In contrast to weak heart beat may increase.
- blood pressure drops and the hypotensive increase just because the post has a balanced action.
- blood circulation and lymphatic flows more easily. A special importance for those suffering from heart or blood vessel disease.
- "Interestingly, after vigurozitatii nerves and muscles better irrigation work capacity increased during fasting, but after the first 14 days."
Dr. Benedict
- General and gastric acidity decreases.
- liver after glycogen depletion burn fat constantly keeping them at the discretion of the body, despite the intense activity of the station and they can increase in volume. Removing ball drops. Removing the gallbladder to contract strongly gall stones and sand.
- The blood vessels inside the bone is large.
- Because of intense cleansing, the body becomes more exposed to external toxins are hypersensitive gaining even higher sensory capabilities.
sufucient For purification is 10-15 days by post accompanied by fluid intake (depending vital person) but to treat serious diseases such as cancer, the station should be extended to 40 days.
It is imperative that the extended position to do under medical supervision.
It is very important station is not interrupted once started and if seizures occur because of unbearable inner purifications (dizziness, nausea, fear, etc..) should drink the juice they were cooked vegetables or forehead increasing alkaloid substances in the body until the condition pass, that if serious illness. Very important also is that the position was not considered a hunger and even starvation will not be accepted. Should drink plenty of water. Position must come from within, your acceptance and support, otherwise you risk a struggle with hunger will still continue but disappear after three days with the maximum physical need to feed.

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