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Feng Shui Science

Feng Shui

Old for over 5,000 years, feng shui knowledge is rooted in the distant East. The Chinese have learned to live in harmony with nature and environment around them, coordinating with the energies of the universe and to be lucky in love, a happy home and to be healthy.
Feng Shui was developed based on observing laws and natural cycles and an assessment of energy, its effects and how they can be targeted.
The two types of energies that are found in anything around us, yin and yang, must be in permanent equilibrium. Each one contains the other, without being able to exist only for itself. Year of birth determines which characterizes the feng shui element - water, wood, fire, earth, metal.
In Chinese philosophy, "feng shui" means "wind and water" and the principle coordinator is fluid "qi" ("chi") energy which revolves around us, specific to any item.

Like the blood that flows through our veins to feed ourselves, Chi starts from the core of the earth and surround the globe. Chi or energy is a force so great that can form or destroy continents by tectonic movements or land masses.
It is very useful to know and understand the flow of energy that passes through our homes permanently, as it defines the energy evils emanating from objects. Connoisseurs of this ancient Chinese art of feng shui say that true art has nothing to do with magical practices. It is based on science, proven by positive results to close over 5,000 years! This art is often compared to acupuncture - in both cases is about energy flow. Acupuncture works on the human body, feng shui on the environment of man. Chi is life force that circulates in the body in the house and at work. Everyone's personal chi and that of the environment, are responsible for our ability to achieve optimum health, harmony, creativity and prosperity.
We hear sometimes that some begin to walk all over you have hanging in corner window a crystal ball. Random? Not at all, experts say Chinese. Concentrated positive energy sphere, which then maintained it and expanded it. A normal flow of Chi can be likened to a glass of water consumption. When you drink water, it nourishes, refreshes and cleans the body, ensuring vitality as it moves. When chi is blocked, its beneficial effects will be limited.
ancient science is based on "Ba Gua" map of the eight areas that characterize a person's life:
- knowledge / learning
- health / family
- wealth / prosperity
- fame / reputation
- relationships / love / marriage
- children / creativity
, people next to you / travel / career.

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Feng Shui

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