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Human qualities

What is beauty?


It is not at all a novelty nor a recent discovery that a number of beauty is imperative health and cleanliness. Maintaining health would be the main purpose of human life. The man is healthy and beautiful, so caring for your health will keep youth, the main attribute of beauty.
But what is beauty? Beauty is as absolute personal being is born with and will accompany forever and always because beauty comes from within the soul is reflected in the expression of physical and mental, that together in a mix of retail, tenderness and power of understanding of seriousness, give optimism and spontaneity that emanates peace harmony, balance, natural elegance and modernity.
"feminine charm, this way of wearing you from your peers is an element of civilization and culture of respect for you before anything. Moreover, welding is a family of life, education for children who in turn will educate parents and will grow and people. "

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