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Human qualities

The value of love


They say that love removes the suffering that can transcend and bring happiness. In fact all major religions preach love as mankind's highest post, the highest form of abstraction of religion, the human condition. This is the message of Jesus's Ramakrishna, Rumi, Buddha, Gandhi, etc.. All say the same thing. In the East they say that love and karma burning in the West as it exceeds the human condition. It's the same thing. What has love to do with it? When it comes to an end common human condition. All the concerns that guide us up when life took a second place, receiving less energy. Even if you continue to have, love is one in which consciousness is now dissolved. Judgement change. Mood change. Appears candor.

If you have never done it, now you realize that the birds drop cores, as rubbing a stray dog ??that suddenly you're welcome. Perception of the world around you change, you become a Great Soul - "Maha-atma" and state that flows through you. Get there permanently, can be felt all the time but because of concerns and ferment of mind, lost contact with beauty, harmony, we need a "shock" to wake up positive for something amazing that we can gather out of everyday life. Something harmonious, gentle, fascinating, warm, can be a work of art, a beautiful place in nature or presence of human beings. Love is an expression of universal harmony of beauty and perfection, so there is in disarray, in chaos. Something very harmonious and love can awaken within us, making it to flow outside.

By now you've been busy, you were blind to the beauty surrounding the special moments in harmony to maintain order throughout very intelligent. Just now you did something extraordinary to see this. The biggest sacrifice in human history were made for love: Orpheus, descending into hell after Euridiche, Rada which was ready to go into hell for Krishna, just to save the pain, Jesus sacrificed himself for love of people, Divine Comedy would not have been written without the existence of Beatrice that inspired so deeply Dante's love for Maitreya etc. Eliade.

Love is that it makes even the animals to regain hundred kilometers without passing the owners that they knew where they are and the literature abounds with episodes that highlight unsuspected and mysterious power of love.

When love comes poets write, singers sing, paint and all pictoii they become masterpieces, becomes elixir. If they do that when you are sad when their art would be sad. Therefore art done in love heals.

The magic of love
Only feelings move from science to mysticism, from communication to communion. Warmth revive, create infinite shapes and gives life entities that make up the universe. Without knowing that warmth would be no exposure and experience. When your heart opens when you open the whole universe. Without love, the universe can be conceived, but not experienced.

Latin word meaning A-die (without dying) is love. He means just that love beyond death remains, as it is one that transcends all that is illusory and now loses value. To love is to give up yourself, your ego, is a sacrifice, from the Latin word sacrum-making - any sacrifice is a sacred act.

There then comes love.

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