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Native American Indians

Black deer speaks:


- "Truth comes in the world with two faces, when people are hopeless maybe laughter (happiness) is better to open too chic and feel good and confident, the face that cries (pain) is perhaps more appropriate for them sis to understand to see. But laughing or crying is the same chip. "
- "ancestors have ordained many things in the world and all should be happy. Everything is sent to how small something and that thing must be happiness and power to make you happy "
- "Nothing better than living in a way that matches how the holy power of the world lives and moves"
- "It's hard to follow a single vision, in this world of darkness and many constantly changing shadows. These shadow people are lost. "
- "A man who is starving dreams abundant goodies."
- "Seeds germinate in darkness before farmers know lunima summer day. The same power increase (in spirit) of the mystery of the night starts and stretches to lunima ... As night womb spirit resurrection in the flesh. "

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