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Poles in the Qur'an


The pillars represent the five "pillars" of basic Islamic religion.
The first pillar is the testimony of faith,
the second prayer,
the third is compassion,
The forth is the station,
The the fifth is the pilgrimage.

Testimony of faith

Faith is the recognition of shahadatan, two witnesses expressed by phrases:
- "recognize that there is no other God but God"
- "recognize that Muhammad is the prophet of God"


Constitutes the main pillar of religion considering that one who rejects, rejects all religion. It focuses on direct relationship with God, the Divine. Muslims pray 4 times daily: at dawn, noon, mid dupamiezii and before sunset. This proves a practice uncommon faith. They pray in 1001 places: in the snow, in rain, the sun, in the steppes, streets, squares, etc.. Mindset of prayer as the prophet says is "being before God as you see yourself totally merge with it."


Arabic word meaning zacat (compassion) is purity. Arab mystics say that purity comes from the soul. The word also has meaning of perfume referring to what Orthodox mystics called sweet spiritual fragrance. They believe that charity or compassion for people purify the soul. Islam recommends the community to care for the poor, "the poor are children of God." Even Islamic law a minimum target of tax (2.5%) to assign poor.


Ramadan is the most significant month of the year in this respect. Ramadan lasts 28 to 30 days. This month commemorates the first revelation of the Qur'an. This month is forbidden to any solid or liquid food and sex from dawn until sunset. Mystics say that it is also an exercise of the will over the body that man needs his bridle and spirit Revive. A strengthening of control and self-control.


Annually millions of Muslims meet in one day at a huge convention, in one place, clothed in a simple piece of cloth around the waist which means not belonging to ethnic groups, a race or language, social or religious material, free from any commitment, considering all equal. The empty heads, barefoot, simple, anonymous. Pilgrim is then solemnly pledge to fulfill the will of God and worship. The pilgrimage to Mecca is primarily in the tenth day of Dhu al-twelfth months hijja, celebrating the great sacrifice of Abraham. The pilgrimage is an obligation for every Muslim adult, with a sane enough financial comfort.

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