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Prophet Muhammad


Muhammad in Arabic means preaslavitul. He was born in about an orphan growing elephant, his parents died shortly after his birth. Because of his exemplary honesty and fairness the people of Mecca gave him the nickname al-Amin that is not integral. Maturing into its qualities have doubled as penetrated by a deep sense of discernment and a thrifty trial.
At age 30, Muhammad began to meditate and putting various questions about God, worship practiced by the Arabs. Felt the need to meditate alone stand withdrawn every month several days in a cave near Mecca.
At 40 years old when the silence in the cave Hira, Muhammad was visited by a human-looking appearance with authority said:
"Iqra "- Read.
Mahomed surprised replied:
"I do not know to read" command again, but the visitor:
A third time, but Mohammed had spread visitor manuscript and read:
"Read in the name of your Lord who created you. He created man from the joining of cells.
Read For your Lord is most noble of teachers up in his hand. He taught man what he knew not. "
Muhammad left the cave and run to Khadija, his wife. On the way, but heard a voice from heaven: "I am the archangel Gabriel and you are the messenger of God." Muhammad tells his girlfriend came home wives. It relaxes him and called him her uncle Varaca, some of the great sages of the time that tells Muhammad: "If all this is true you are the heir to the great law."
This is the beginning of Muhammad's prophetic mission. Although while he faces reluctance reactions, coupled sometimes mocking, power and destiny helps to achieve the spirit and the fundamental laws of Islam.

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