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Sama, practical way


An initiative of the occult side of Islam is the Arab mystics and sages (Sufi) who know the secret initiation points not accessible to all practitioners of Islam. These sacred teachings are transmitted from master to disciple through initiation. Of these forms of practice are relentless repetition of sacred formulas, the name of God, sacred music, dance initiation or prayer. In this category of mystics and dervishes belong. They use initiation dance and music to help them be at one with God, leaving it so filled with divine ecstasy. Javad Nurbakshsh mystic says: "The Sama are things ecstatic and profane. And dance you perform is not entertainment.". Sama means "to listen". In their language Sama is sufficient that by listening ear heart harmonious areas making it elevates the soul to enter and dissolve the bliss absolute. For Sufi, Sama is God's call. So turn away mystic world merging with God. For the ignorant Sufi poets Omar Kayam poems, Hafiz, Rumi, etc. may seem profanity of religion and human behavior. For the wise but they talk about is drunkenness divine ecstasy and red wine is pleasure that arises in the soul when the practitioner fails to reach ecstasy.
Sama's Rules:
- the Sama should not make a habit;
- master should always be Currently,
- the Sama not to participate who are not part of the spiritual path,
- who plays the tambourine and flute to be transfigured,
- of Sama is not never make entertainment
- if Sama is not felt should not be forced but if you do not be resisted;
- in Sama to clearly distinguish between the usual hysteria and trance.
- should not be interfered with someone without permission Shaykh Sama.
- should not be imitated by anyone during Sama;
- Sama practice who must give up pleasures and be lofty lower prayer. You must search his soul only God.

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